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You Can Have A Dining Table That Suits You

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If you consider yourself a person out of the ordinary and that you like to satisfy all your expectations, you must have certain specifications in mind in order to obtain a custom dining table.

To design a table and chairs that fit your wishes, you should review the dimensions you need and meet basic standards for its development. As for the tables, the average basic height is 72 centimeters and can reach a maximum of 75 centimeters.

In several exceptional dining sets, you could find measures of 80 centimeters. For tables that accommodate up to 8 people, the ideal length is 110 to 120 centimeters. In the smaller tables designed for 6 people, the perfect measurements would be between 100 and 160 centimeters.

The measurements will go according to the space of the room. If you have a large dining room you can have more alternatives to occupy them with a large rectangular table, but if it is small, square or round tables are the most recommended.

Excellent advice is to measure the room both long and wide, so as not to have unpleasant surprises when you install your custom dining table. With these figures, you can find the game that suits you best and that suits the place.

To make a dining table, two variables must be considered. One of them is to respect the place of the diner so that it can move with enough freedom. These measures are in front of the table, providing space for plates, cutlery, and glasses of each person.

The most suitable width for this condition is 76.2 centimeters maximum and 61 centimeters minimum. As for the length available for each one, it is 40.6 to 45.7 centimeters so that the guests are comfortable enough to enjoy the food.

The table is not only for diners, but you should also leave room to place the food and the pots to share. This site should be between 25.4 centimeters for a person and 45.7 centimeters when divided between two people.

On a table with a rectangular shape that accommodates 6 people, it must have a length of 243.8 centimeters and the width must be 137.2 centimeters. For square tables, the space to share is smaller in the rectangular ones, but the measures for each guest are still respected.

If you are considering placing a round table in the room, the same spaces for the guests continue to be respected. With the diameter of a table of 152.4 centimeters accommodate 4 people, with the possibility of increasing the number of guests.

If this is the case, a round table with a diameter that measures 182.9 centimeters is recommended. In addition to the measurements of the dining table, you must take into account the space between the wall and the chairs.

It does not matter if it is round, square or rectangular, you must make a free space of 121.9 centimeters from the wall to the table. The minimum measures for this separation are from 91.4 to 106.7 centimeters, but with this distance, it will not be very comfortable to walk among the guests.

So to have a dining table to suit you, consider all these options and you will have a comfortable lounge where you will have the best meals alone or accompanied.

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