Talking about decoration can be a fairly broad topic, starting with the fact that to decorate any space there are no rules that must be fully complied with since even when there are experts, guides, magazines, and websites that talk about decoration, tastes always have the last word and people’s style.

Perhaps a common point when making changes in the home is that we all want to make only one investment, so the idea is to try to acquire furniture of the best quality since they are more resistant and durable.

Another important detail when decorating or renovating the furniture is not to get carried away by everything you like but for what you really need, in addition to trying to make them as functional as possible, and more importantly is to try to visualize them in your spaces, that are not larger, or very small, and that also goes in accordance with the rest of its decoration. Many times it is useful to know the measurements of the living rooms, kitchen, and rooms before going out to buy, in order to be sure that they will look good in every place of the house.

While it is true that all the spaces in a home are important, the kitchen and dining room are perhaps the ones that should be given the most attention, since they are the places where the best moments of the day such as meals are shared, and in Many opportunities serve to meet in fun conversations with family and friends.

As with the rest of the furniture, choosing a good dining table and chairs is not an easy task either, and today there are a lot of models, shapes and materials that must be used much longer looking for the one that really suits your needs, both space and budget and also fully satisfy your tastes.

Maybe before it was easier to buy a dining table since the options in terms of sizes and shapes were smaller, but today you can see round, square, hexagonal, rectangular and even triangular dining tables on the market, and all in different sizes, ranging from two to 12 or 24 seats for large rooms.

Currently it is also common to buy the chairs apart from the dining table, thus giving the opportunity to choose the combinations that you like the most, and as with the dining tables there are also countless models of chairs of different sizes, colors, and materials, some with padded seats and backs, others without them, with cushions, in wood, in short, as you wish, there is even the possibility of sending them to be manufactured according to the manufacturer you choose.

The standard height of a dining table is between 70 and 75 centimeters and the chairs must be between 45 and 50 centimeters high, it is important to check that the dining table and high chairs agree with these measures, although surely it is not necessary to check them anymore that all manufacturers must abide by these measures.

It may also be the case that your dining room is integrated into an island in your kitchen if so, your chairs or stools should measure between 75 and 80 centimeters.

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