Transparent tempered glass is particularly preferred for the construction of various glass furniture, it is used especially for glass tables such as coffee tables, glass desks, tables in the dining room or others.

The type of furniture, such as a table or desk, requires a glass that is strong enough to withstand pressures, weights, and bumps. The transparent tempered glass provides the essential properties of safety glass.

Optimal glazing for the dining table

Our brand strongly recommends tempered glass for a glass table such as a coffee table, dining tables. During its manufacture, the tempered glass undergoes a thermal treatment that makes it more resistant than conventional glass.

Choose a glass top

As explained, tempered transparent glass is still the best choice for a table, a desk or the protection of any other furniture. However, it is essential to choose the thickness of the glass.

Several criteria must be considered

The surface of the table, the larger it is, the thicker the glass must be. But also the number of points on which the glass rests, if it is a complete table, the glass used does not require a consistent thickness; On the other hand, if the glass rests only on the edges, the thickness will have to be more important.

The advantages of glass

Tempered glass helps prevent injuries related to possible breakage, and aesthetically, the glass is transparent. Therefore, it retains brightness and has the same effect as ordinary glass. We do not recommend tables 100% made of glass since it would eliminate the character of the room.

Do not hesitate to count on much more massive materials such as wood, stainless steel or metal. Due to its transparency, the glass coffee table allows you to mix styles and colors without overloading your interior.

The chosen finish for your table

The design depends on the existing decoration style. If it is a look of wood or metal, the color of the structure is your choice, it is possible to make custom-made variations in all the models presented on our site. In any case, it is important to check that these modifications are available.

The size of the table

It depends on the number of people who are usually present at the meetings, as well as the size of the room. A too large table will give your room or dining room an impression of confinement and disorder, reducing your ability to release positive and creative thoughts.

The shape of the table

It is important to think about the structure of the rest of the decoration if its decoration is quite traditional (with a clear hierarchy), a rectangular glass dining table is a good option. If, on the other hand, the decoration is freer, a round or oval table is probably the best option.

Maintenance of a glass table

Despite its greater resistance, the glass lid requires a minimum of care. For example, avoid putting your car keys on the glass. Also, remember to clean it regularly with a cloth to avoid scratches due to dust. For clear and shiny glass, do not use chemicals.

Do not neglect the choice of chairs that must adapt to the height of the table. Too low or too high can cause back pain at the end of meals. The idea is to buy the board games together with the chairs that combine since the set must adapt to its morphology.

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