Whatever the material, a table is often an important piece of indoor furniture. In wood, plastic, metal or stone, it is still glass that offers the most possibilities. A glass table is a very successful option. As we will see later, a glass table has many advantages in material, design, and functionality as part of home decoration.

Glass table: the advantages

A glass table is relatively fragile, of course, everything depends on the thickness of the board, in the same way, both the blows and the strong temperature can crack the glass, in addition! the glass attracts the dust. There is not much to do against this, but the advantages are worth these trivialities that disappear with each new design.

The first advantage of a glass table

It is obvious, that allows light to enter and disperse. This is an advantage that should not be underestimated because, depending on its interior, the few rays of light absorbed by an opaque table made with other material will cruelly reduce the clarity of the room; this can be achieved even with a frosted glass dining table and chairs.

The second advantage of a glass table

It is to bring a touch of style and aesthetics that can really transform your dining room. The last of the advantages is that there is nothing easier than cleaning a glass surface. In fact, the glass does not absorb liquids; there is absolutely no risk of your table getting stained one day when someone spills your glass. A rag or a paper towel, and that’s it.

Customize your glass coffee table

Whether you choose a model glass coffee table or a dining table, the options and designs are varied. In fact, glass is an incredible material because, in addition to allowing transparency, it also offers unlimited possibilities for personalization.

We can start dreaming imagining all kinds of possible applications in future designs. Even without going so far in futuristic fantasy, it can be completely equipped with a customized glass table with a glass of variable opacity, a simple clear tone or a table decorated with screen printing.

Table model more suitable for the dining room

Obviously, the number of people that make up the home and their daily habits are also essential factors to choose the perfect table. The round table is undoubtedly the easiest model to use. There is no one at the end of the table and, unlike the corner tables, everyone looks at each other.

Rectangular tables are recommended when large family tables and people who receive many guests are needed because they offer maximum capacity. A square table is an ideal table for couples and small spaces!

For a large room or a living room with a smaller space, manufacturers offer many models. Consider the possibility of offering an extendable table model, practical for a versatile and 100% modular family space. Its main asset is the extension that allows an amplitude of up to 2m50.

In terms of modularity, we have intelligently designed models. Thanks to its extendable base, in a few seconds it goes from a coffee table to a dining table and is also equipped with integrated trays. We have other options for saving space and money that should also be considered at the time of purchase.

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