Nowadays it can be noticed that the designs for the construction of new houses are getting smaller. This is due to several reasons, but the main ones are attributed to the high cost of land and square meters and adaptations to the new lifestyles of the vast majority of residents, who increasingly spend less time at home as a result of the many occupations that they have in their routines.

For this reason, a smaller house is more convenient with respect to purchase or rent costs as well as maintenance costs. However, this has generated certain inconveniences at the time of the distribution and decoration of the rooms, as people are accustomed to having a separate living room, kitchen and dining room. But in view of the small space, it is necessary to opt for the integration of the spaces, in this way a table and glass kitchen chairs for sale becomes a wonderful alternative to have a kitchen-dining space.

Logically in these cases you cannot go to a place where you have a table and glass kitchen chairs for sale and choose something larger than 4 seats, it will occupy all the available space and it must be remembered that this will be shared by the kitchen area where the food will be prepared and therefore must have enough slack to move from one place to another with freedom and comfort.

In this sense, the most advisable is to buy a table that fits the available dimensions, and depending on the structure you will see the convenience of the shape, being able to be round or square preferably, although the oval or rectangular ones could also be adjusted well. On the other hand, both in the market of physical stores and online stores, now give the opportunity to many young designers who each time launch table collections and glass kitchen chairs for sale that in addition to beautiful and modern They are very functional and versatile.

Such is the model of the extensible tables, which have a mechanism, manual or click, which allows a table of 4 seats, for example easily transformed into a 6-post and then can be closed and return to its small size. This is very practical when people are invited to eat or a larger surface is needed for cooking equally, and the ingredients can be arranged there.

Also, it is possible to find a model that fits the type of decoration that is applied to each home. Well as there are a diversity of structures and forms, there are also in relation to the finishes, which will be able to classify them between classic, modern, rustic or elegant pieces.

Why choose glass and not wood? Well, if you evaluate the different advantages of glass, undoubtedly the most outstanding is the simplicity and little maintenance they require because being in the kitchen will be exposed to splashing liquids that could change the wood or it would be difficult to remove. While the glass will not absorb anything and with a quick pass of cloth, it will be clean and free of stains or dirt.

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