Many begin by looking for the right wall paint, lamps or a dining table that is as important as possible, which, of course, is important and correct. However, it is the chairs that determine the style of each dining room. Therefore, you should always first ask yourself what type of chair you really need, some seats … Whether you prefer rustic, modern or classic, you will find something here.

They should be comfortable, adjusted to the table and its decoration: dining chairs. Whether you opt for the classic four-legged seats, the chairs with modern seating, the rocking chairs or the comfortable armchairs, it depends on the space available. Whatever set of chairs you have in mind: thanks to the excellent game offerings and furniture series, the dining table is also ready.

Perfect chairs for all needs

As important as the dining table are the right chairs: they should be comfortable and so you can sit comfortably for more than 30 minutes. Unsupported banks look great, but they are not made for long periods of social gathering. Sitting down eventually will be too strenuous.

Whether it’s an extended dinner with friends or a long night of games with the family, those who sit at the table for a long time should also do so. With round glass dining table seats 8 people no problem. We will give you an overview of the different types of chairs and their advantages in our store. To make sure you bet on the right chair, it is best to stop by one of our stores to get a sample seat.

Stylistically, chairs are allowed different designs in the same seat. Combine different chairs: a colorful combination of different materials, colors and shapes emphasize your own style. When combining different models, make sure you have the same seat height, but you can also use cushions or upholstery.

If your chairs are on wooden or stone floors, the felt pads under the legs ensure that the chairs can be pushed back more easily and quietly. A carpet under the dining table creates a warm atmosphere and muffles the noise level.

In addition, in a transparent design seat, in most cases, you will find an optimal addition to your table. The seat height is 47 cm, and although the delicate look does not necessarily suggest, this beautiful chair design has a lot of potential in conjunction with a round glass dining table. The height of the armrests is 67 cm.

By the way: not only the height of the chair is relevant for the correct seats, but also many other parameters. “Ergonomics” is the keyword, learn all about the correct seating and chair configuration with our customer service staff.

What is right for you?

Then browse our category of chairs and let yourself be inspired. Some tips to determine the correct height of the seat. By the way, the heights of the seats of the chairs can be found in the other corresponding dimensions. And if any questions remain, we will be happy to help. All our chairs offered and, of course, our contact information for any query can be found on our web portal.

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