The dining room or dining area in the kitchen or living room is a place where union and enjoyment are in the foreground. Therefore, dining tables should be designed to create an environment and ideally, to grow with your needs, that is, to accommodate the number of people sitting at the table.

Choosing a round glass dining table with 6 chairs is advisable to go for the extendable or collapsible tables, it is the key to a home functionality, since they can adapt with flexibility to the particular situation, be it a small family of 4 members, with a Round dining table in extendable glass can be added from 6 chairs to 10 seats at a time.

With a suitable table decoration, it will immediately create an atmospheric atmosphere. Whether you combine dining table chairs that combine evenly or provide unique and eye-catching pieces for more idiosyncratic seating, it is up to you and your individual furniture preferences.

The thickness of the glass plate must match the size of the plate and the support surface (the smaller the support surface, the stronger the glass plate must be). The glass should be of safety and solid quality and good workmanship, in addition to an easy-care surface.

On the one hand, you have the opportunity to use sets that come in many different shapes and designs, on the other hand, you usually only need a damp cloth to quickly remove any stains that may remain on the glass. For stubborn dirt, we recommend cleaning with a soft cloth, water, and a little glass cleaner. Under no circumstances should you resort to strong detergents and microfiber cloths.

If you choose a round glass dining table with a wooden frame, the wooden furniture and other natural materials are a perfect combination. The simple and light appearance of a glass table can be an effective counterpart to solid wood furniture. In this case, you can use the round glass dining table to loosen the dining room furniture.

A round dining table as a center

A round glass dining table likes to rest on a column or on all four legs and a round table as it is circular radiates harmony as the centerpiece of the interior in the dining room. Since the circle has no beginning or end, there is absolute equality in such a variant.

There is no head end reserved for the head of the family, and the distance to the direct counterpart is the same everywhere. In summary: a round dining table offers the best conditions for a good conversation and entertainment in meetings.

A round glass dining table with 6 chairs should have at least a diameter of 114 centimeters for all six people. For four people, 90 centimeters in diameter are enough.

Oval dining table with long sides

If instead of angular corners soft curves establish the direction, it is easy to move together. If the glass dining table is oval, usually everyone gets the curve to make room for one more place on the board, if necessary. In addition, the organic design that characterizes the style emphasizes the cozy atmosphere of your home.

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