The real icons are the collection glass dining tables, designed by experts as well as the associated chairs (also glass), the round glass dining tables almost always rest on a single central leg, characterized by its elegant design and curved in various materials such as wood, stone, and metal.

Glass tables are not only available as dining tables, but also as coffee tables and side tables. The round tables are probably the most classic form of a familiar glass table, but the 6-seat round glass dining table seats are very large and need a lot of space in the kitchen. However, particularly large variants of the round dining table are offered with a more oval table: an elegant solution for a large table with 6 seats.

Each chair requires a footprint of 45 centimeters wide and 50 centimeters deep. Leave 20 centimeters of the seat to seat so that all the neighbors of the table enjoy enough space to eat. A square dining table with six seats occupies 2.80 x 2.40 meters, and a round table with six chairs requires 2.50 x 2.50 meters.

Dining tables of this type also offer a wide variety of materials: from laminate to veneered wood panels to marble in many shades of color. In addition, we offer weatherproof wooden tables with bases made of acrylic stone for outdoor use. This synthetic material is reminiscent of its natural stone appearance.

Dining room masters in many materials

Of course, there is a variety of materials in the design of the base for the glass dining table: from wood and metal to natural stone, laminate and plastic. Especially popular are the round glass dining tables with solid wood base, especially the oak and walnut dining tables are particularly popular. These dining tables radiate a lot of heat through the huge wooden elements and make the dining area a gathering place.

The round, minimalist and rustic glass dining table with solid wood base, the designer is inspired by the rough quality and generous thickness of the material used in oak or walnut and the tempered glass. The round glass tables are available in different sizes, as well as their bases. Find your matching design dining table and chairs in our store!

Simplicity is the key

To find the perfect table, you need to try different dining tables. Height is a decisive factor that invites you to stay for a long time. Dining tables should be higher if you want to add chairs with armrests. Even people with long legs will prefer a higher dining table. The size of the table depends on the number of people.

Start from a width of 60 cm and a depth of 20 cm per place. Add about 20 cm in the center of the table for the dishes. The ideal dining tables are approximately 1 meter wide. The too-wide dining tables seem impersonal. The round dining tables have proven their worth for communication.

The simplest things in life are the best and our store will find it. If you choose a simple table, you have few options to lose. What may seem unspectacular in itself may be particularly attractive in the context of the whole room. The effect on space is ultimately determined by the interaction of all elements, and small things usually make a big difference.

Wow look at this!

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