The four-chair glass kitchen table is the best choice to complement the decor of your kitchen. They come in wood and metal base for your choice. Both materials are practical and easy to maintain. If you choose the wooden base, it is enough to clean its surface with a wood cream, we will indicate which is the most recommended according to the type of wood chosen, and this cream will highlight its natural shine and increase its durability since maintenance is the basis to prolong its useful life.

You can choose the metal base, whose daily cleaning lies only in removing the dust, being necessary and not all the time to give a touch with metal enamel in such a way to prolong its useful life and keep it always in good condition. Both materials adapt to any existing decoration in your kitchen and both are easy to maintain, everything is at your choice and to your liking. By purchasing your glass kitchen table and its four chairs, these will come with a manual of instructions for its best maintenance, thus ensuring the use of the right products for cleaning and maintenance of your furniture.

The glass, on the other hand, gives a touch of elegance and sophistication to your kitchen, your presentation is your choice, with motifs, decorations, color, size, you will be part of the design because you will choose model, material, and color that suits better to the style of decoration that your kitchen has. If you have in mind a special design to cut the glass of your table we make it possible through our experts, who are professional and specialized labor in order to present a final product that satisfies our customers.

The glass kitchen table is very practical and easy to maintain, with a simple wet sponge to remove dust and any dirt will suffice. It is not necessary to pass a dry cloth for drying or let it dry naturally. The thickness of the glass of the table is adequate according to the safety measures of the manufacturer, and according to the laws that govern the trade of such material, so the glass apart from being durable and practical, it is also safe for the Enjoy your family, so it represents the best choice.

The chairs, in this case, four, will have the same material and design chosen for the base of your glass kitchen table if you chose metal, your chairs will be made of metal, just as if you chose wood, they will be made of wood. The seats have a foam rubber finely covered by different materials according to the customer’s taste and the general decoration of their kitchen, leather, fabric and embroidery, whose colors and designs are presented in a catalog to facilitate their decision when choosing the what suits you These materials are of first quality, guaranteeing the durability and beauty of the acquired product.

The quality, durability, and beauty of this set for your kitchen, made up of the glass kitchen table and its four chairs, represents the best investment to complement the decor of your kitchen since the cost-benefit is worth it.

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