Eating around a table is a tradition, a privileged moment for many families. Take it to the next level with a well-appointed and well-designed glass dining table; it’s even better with our cutting-edge designs! Decoration, choice, and arrangement of glass furniture, the decorative point, and inspirations in the best coffers.

Achieving a decoration with elegant, unique and refined tables is easy with black glass. To achieve this goal of the most elegant and seduce all its guests, the crystal is evident, as a result of its brilliance and the delicacy of its prints.

From the simple tasting session to the festive meal, each occasion can benefit from the most beautiful tables to enjoy real moments of pleasure lulled by luxury and refinement.

The best brands in the market

The Remington brand offers a system of feet to transform the glass tray of your coffee table. You can choose from a wide range of colors and, for a glass table, the base can change material and design, be it wood, metal or marble.

These decorative glass coffee tables, made of wood and metal, will add a touch of freshness to your living room thanks to its graphic patterns.

Crystal, a symbol of luxury

Glass has always been a luxury and a refinement. Its brilliance and delicacy magnify the tables and the living rooms to offer elegant and bright decoration. The crystal allows you to create beautiful classic and original pieces to seduce more and more customers more and more often.

The tables in our collection have a type of glass, which is particularly rich in lead, has a brighter effect, is denser and more manageable than conventional glass, which makes it possible to produce a wide variety of achievements that are impossible with others similar materials.

Therefore, glass dining tables are based on varied designs and unlimited creativity to create true works of art and refined decorative objects. Renowned and integral material in the field of luxury, glass sublimates the interiors for several centuries, including the development of extendable glass tables.

Hand carved glass

The size of the glass by hand allows realizing many geometric shapes and other very different reasons to realize splendid topes of tables and obtain a dazzling and elegant decoration.

All models can be magnified by size and precision of concrete or abstract patterns to give the crystal all its brightness. Therefore, the range of extremely wide glass tables offers a wide variety to allow everyone to obtain a table decoration that suits their tastes, their theme, and their desires.

The importance of glass

Nowadays, the glass of the dining tables meets very strict standards that testify to its authenticity, durability, and quality. Different techniques intervene in this luxury material to carry various creations of table designs, such as conference tables and coffee tables. The size of the glass makes it possible to produce different shapes of tables: round, oval, square or rectangular.

The crystal is among the most beautiful works of art and the most sublime tables. Our unique creations radiate brilliance as bright as the most beautiful diamonds, the crystal or the engraved glass are adorned with amazing colors, delicate reflections and infinity of forms to magnify all the tables and cultivate an elegant and refined decoration.

You will find on our site the glass table for you, opt for our selection of glass dining tables and decorative glass chairs while going through a variety of modern models.

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