A glass table is attractive in many ways, this is elegant, which brings brightness and lightness, is fashionable in contemporary interiors. But before buying your glass tray, some parameters are important to choose the best glass table, the glass you choose for your tray should ensure its safety in all circumstances.

It is impossible to have a glass tray with a normal quality thickness. Tempered glass or safety glass is essential: it is 5 times stronger than a classic glass and, in case of breaking, breaks into a thousand small pieces that are less dangerous than large pieces of sharp glass.

Choose the perfect table model

Fixed, extendable, round or square … Do you want to invest in a new dining table but doubt as to the model to buy? To help you choose we offer glass tables with wooden and steel bases, with different geometric shapes (round or square), extensible or fixed.

There is a multitude of dining tables on our web portal. Ask yourself the question of your lifestyle, your habits, taking into account the space available in your home.

Pay attention to the thickness of the glass according to its surface

To determine the thickness of the glass to be used, two parameters must be considered. The first is the surface of your glass tray; the second is the support method. Whether it is based on four corners, on its periphery or on a table, this determines the thickness of the glass to be used.

If the tray rests completely on a base, for example, it will have less thickness since it rests completely, but if it is only in points like the 4 corners it should increase the thickness.

Choose the finish of the glass

It is important to take care of the finish of your glass tray. This should have polished edges to avoid cuts and wounds. And this brings an aesthetic effect in addition to the security aspect. The corners should also be rounded, if possible, to avoid injury at an angle.

The choice of the shape of your tray depends, of course, on your desire, but you should know that most forms are possible: round, triangular, square, rectangular … etc. Our team specialized in mirrors and surroundings can inform you and study your glass tray project.

Space available for the dining table

Before you even ask about your aesthetic preferences, the available surface is the first parameter to consider. Because if the standard height of a food table is about 75 cm, you will find a wide range of models on the market, more or less adapted to your place of life.

Your dining room is immense

You can choose a huge table to place in the center of the room. Very elongated, round … The possibilities are numerous.

Your dining room is small

You will prefer a small folding table. Choose the extendable table instead of the square or rectangular table so that it can be easily integrated with the spaces, folded offers a comfortable dining room for 2 or 3, and unfolded gives space to 6 or 8.

A two-in-one solution for small spaces, to choose the table in your dining room, consider also the space really available, remember that for optimal comfort, it is necessary to keep a space for the chairs.

Our company, specializing in glass tables, offers a round glass dining table and chairs for sale, models with aluminum and glass bases to choose from, we have a true knowledge and experience to advise and guide you in this area, so we suggest a round table, this one has fewer possibilities of cuts in the corners.

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