If you are thinking about remodeling the spaces in your home, and changing the furniture, the round glass dining table that comes with its four chairs is the ideal solution for your home.

The round glass dining table gives its space more space because its round shape leaves more freedom of movement, which gives its environment fluidity and a sense of balance and harmony with its style of decoration.

The size of the table will be according to the needs and tastes of the customer, even when accompanied only by four chairs, the customer can choose a larger or smaller diameter of your glass table, this will allow you to better manage the spaces in your dining room and the distribution of food on the table, as well as controlling the number of people sitting around, for which you also have the option of acquiring additional chairs according to your needs.

The customer can also choose the color of the glass, currently among the colors available to choose are black, amber, blue, green and transparent classic, so that you can adapt the color to the tones of the dining room or match the rest of the colors of the house, this will allow the client to save on the costs of remodeling, since the final product will adapt to the style of the house and not the house in the style of the dining room.

The glass of the table has a standard thickness according to safety standards for the use of such material, so it does not represent any danger to the members of the family, of any age. Cleaning and maintenance will be the easiest task in your home, does not require much attention, just clean your surface with any cleaning product on the market. The quality of the material and its finish guarantee its durability and beauty.

Both the base of the table and its four chairs are made of wood of the highest quality, and their designs and finishes are achieved by skilled and skilled labor in this field, which gives you the guarantee of a final product that in addition to beauty will have durability, making your investment worth.

The colors of the covers of the chairs will match the color chosen for the glass, the material of these covers are in printed fabric of upholstery, also of the highest quality and with original stamping designs. The maintenance of the chairs is simple, the wooden part, just as the wooden base of the table will be maintained with furniture cream, guaranteeing its beauty and durability. The seats and backs will be maintained when necessary, with a foam for this type of fabric, whose washing is dry, the color of its pattern will remain intact, that is guaranteed by the quality of the material and the upholstery.

By acquiring our round glass dining table and its four chairs, you will be bringing beauty and quality to your home, giving a special touch to your decor and a warm atmosphere to share with your family, it is the perfect gift for your home and your family .

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