The dining table is the heart of the home, whether it is solid wood or extendable, it should fit into your daily life. But for a glass dining table with 8 chairs, the size is crucial, as well as the number of people who must sit regularly and the space in the house or apartment.

Fewer and fewer apartments have their own dining room, so the dining table often occupies an area of ​​the kitchen or living room. Above all, if you do not have an additional dining room, you should leave enough space for the table. To make the kitchen or the living room area clear from the dining room, dressers and open shelves are an excellent solution.

Most glass dining tables with 8 chairs have a standard height of 74 to 78 cm. On the one hand, the height of oneself is decisive for a good fit, but on the other hand, the height of the seat of the chairs plays an important role. The standard for chairs today is a seat height of 46 cm, but it can be lower for many older chairs or classic design.

The classic chair

The plastic side chair, an absolute design classic! The chair is so popular because it simply adapts to any style, loosens the huge glass tables and gives tranquility to the crowded spaces.

Because they do not have armrests, you can even use them in small rooms. The bowl-shaped chair is ideal for round and long tables. But one thing is for sure: Never, it will never go out of fashion!

The rocking chair

Because the chair does not have back legs, it can comfortably swing back and forth, many designers have optimized this type of chairs or have created their own versions of this rugged chair. The rocking chair is a chair for those who appreciate the flexibility and modern furniture.

The chair practices

The folding chairs are contemporary flexible and helpers in need. Especially in small apartments, they can be stored behind the door to save space and pull out at lightning speed. Fortunately, there are now comfortable and above all visually appealing designer chairs that have absolutely nothing to do with the folding chairs to get out of camp.

The retro chair

Vintage chairs definitely give the dining room a very special charm. The factory-style window and the concrete floor are the perfect contrast between modernity and old school design, while a long glass dining table for eight of those chairs does the rest.

The padded

With wild motifs, one color or both together, upholstered chairs are available in almost all possible variants. Above all, it is known that they are comfortable, but also that they radiate a degree of visual comfort, as demonstrated by our beautiful chairs. By the way, upholstered chairs feel more comfortable in a glass table with wooden base and in dining rooms that also reflect the modern style of a country house.

In our web portal, you can organize the correct height of the seat by buying cushions, chairs or stools of different heights and adjustable height tables. When choosing our available chairs, you must first measure whether they should fit under the table. This is especially important for our models with armrests.

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