The dining set consisting of the black glass table with four chairs represents elegance and sophistication since its main attraction is the black color of the glass of the table, black combines with all environments and any style of decoration. Its black color is made with glass and it is not a sheet that covers its surface, this guarantees a longer useful life for the main piece of the table.

The thickness of the glass gives firmness, resistance, and security to this piece, with safety being one of the biggest concerns when purchasing any glass product, but the glass used in this and all our designs are guaranteed by the safety standards They govern your manufacturing, in such a way that it will no longer be safety concern for you or for any member of the family, regardless of your age.

The glass rests on a wooden base whose architectural design is a work of art that makes a perfect game with the elegance of black glass, forming a piece of great beauty. The wood used for the base of the table is imported of the highest quality, treated with the products and care that guarantee the durability of it. A piece is taken care of in all its details for the total satisfaction of our clients.

The four chairs made of the same wood as the base of the table and with a design that matches the architectural and artistic of its base, to complement the piece as a unit, the black glass dining table and its four chairs, and that are not seen or perceived as individual pieces, but as a sophisticated and elegant set that will give the touch that was missing to your home.

To complete the elegance of this dining set, its chairs are upholstered with high quality material that guarantees its durability and consequently increases the useful life of each of them, thus giving fair value to the investment made.

The cleaning and maintenance of both the black glass table and the four chairs is very practical and easy to perform since you can use any cleaning product on the market to remove dust and any other dirt found.

The black glass dining table comes in different sizes and shapes. Large, medium or small, according to the client’s requirements, both the space available for this dining game and for the number of members of his family. As for the shape, there are round, square and rectangular, which will also vary according to the customer’s taste and their needs and requirements as explained in the size. The round ones are the most requested since they are easier to locate in any space.

The quality control of our products from obtaining the raw material as well as the designation of a qualified, expert and professional workforce make each piece carry a seal of quality that guarantees that it is taking home as well as beauty and elegance, durability, resistance, and quality, obtaining the highest cost-benefit value of your investment.

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