The round dining table is ideal for those who prefer a more family atmosphere. One tip is to use a carpet, in the same way, to place it underneath. Another advantage of the round table is that it provides seating flexibility since no space is defined, anyone can move comfortably. Take a look at some of our references for glass round tables.

Combination of materials

Stainless steel and glass almost always combine nicely on a round glass dining table and chairs. The choice of the round table in this type of project leaves the most dynamic environment between the kitchen and the living room. The chairs of the set also have the structure of stainless steel on many occasions.

A round table with a differentiated base in stainless steel, with curved bars of the same material, in this case, to combine the dining room and would have strong colors in the upholstery and cushions, so the choice of glass is appropriate. In a minimalist and modern Torino dining room, the unique design of the base of the table with stainless steel always leaves a unique atmosphere.

A round dining room with modern white chairs and exclusive design is an excellent choice in elegant and simple decoration. The glass table offers a more suitable arrangement for the format of selected chairs (combined with everything). In a dining room with modern decor, the round glass table brings more movement and style. As in the table, glass is also part of the glass decoration like lamps and mirrors.

The oval format can be used for anyone looking for 8 or more places, as well as for those who want to take 4 or 6 places. The glass dining table with 4 chairs is the most popular option for most rooms in most apartments. Ideal for singles or with one or two children. Depending on the configuration of the table, however, there is no room for guests. Of course, we can always establish an additional chair on these occasions.

The glass is a versatile material

In the construction and decoration, and gives it the elegance that makes it possible to compose other materials in the composition of the environment. Whether in small or large rooms, the glass table is always welcome for those who plan to build a dining room, complementing the living room with a coffee table or home office to add light to the appearance.

For each proposal, it is important to consider what format fits the room. It can be round, oval, rectangular or square. When the atmosphere is small, the glass can give a feeling of spaciousness in the place and there are small tables that offer 4 to 6 places.

For tables with rectangular shapes, it is ideal to ensure a pleasant circulation space. If it is tight, try aligning the table in the corner of the wall with a mirrored wall that creates a bold and modern effect in the environment.

But for those who want to dare and have a modern room, opt for a fun table base with a distinctive design. It is possible to have a glass plate with a base made of wood, stainless steel or even glass in an unusual format.

See the inspirations on our web portal to create a modern and pleasant atmosphere with glass tables in different designs, sizes, and shapes. Choose models that suit your environment. The glass helps to illuminate the environment and, therefore, is ideal for those who have limited space. Take a look at some examples of oval glass tables on our website.

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