The most important piece of furniture in the apartment is undoubtedly the dining room table. Find your place in the kitchen or in the dining room and you can use it in many ways. First, it ensures that the entire family meets during meals. But it can also be used for many other things, such as writing, homework, game nights, discussions and more.

Glass dining tables – something special

The glass dining tables not only combine the practical side but also stand out for their elegant and refined appearance. The combination of glass with wood or stainless steel is perfectly combined to create an elegant and contemporary atmosphere.

Glass dining tables as striking perfect

Aesthetics and elegance, two qualities that radiates a glass dining table, in combination with wood or stainless steel, you can create extraordinary seats that look impressive. From the purist to the modern, from the simple to the extravagant, the different variations cannot be greater with a glass dining table.

They become a point of direct attention in each room and make it look visibly larger and visually brighter through the mirror effects that emerge through the glass. The selection in the range of glass dining tables is very extensive.

Wide selection of glass dining tables

The size of the glass table depends on the existing conditions and can easily be adapted to it. A glass dining table looks modern and timeless and adapts perfectly to the furniture. The shape of the glass plate can be as different as the appearance of the legs or the frame. Glass dining tables are available, for example, in the following versions:

  • Extendable glass plate
  • Frame or leg made of wood or plastic.
  • Glass lid in round, oval, rectangular and square.
  • Modern frame in different finishes.

The wide selection makes it possible to use a glass table in each apartment. Especially in smaller rooms, a glass dining table has a positive effect, as it makes the glass brighter and larger.

The right care

The glass is a material that is very easy to clean. Stains, of any kind, can be easily removed. The material is not only very ecological; it is also of high quality. The glass for a dining table is insensitive to scratches and also allows quite high temperatures. In addition, it is difficult to bend or deform, so a glass dining table for many years can retain its unique beauty.

The iconic design glass tables

Using glass as raw material, the designers broke with the traditional wooden table, solid and rectangular. Designers no longer try to camouflage the “frame” of a table, but to put it forward. When playing with the opacity and delicacy of the glass, it is now in the feet that is the whole personality of a glass table design

With its clean lines, the tables for the design glass dining room are stunning and elegant. Composed of a glass tray and a steel base, the artist would have chosen these materials to evoke durability and lightness.

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