Some trends are easier to assimilate than others. However, when it comes to including colors and playing with them in home environments, there are certain fashions that give work and require effort and dedication to make them work.

The most common questions, in that sense, are based on how to combine a palette that includes, for example, reddish tones. The most sensible thing is to advocate for cold colors Black and white by predilection. However, there will be those who prefer to risk a little more and, therefore, are presented below other ways to combine red tables in the dining room.

A touch of glass

Modern designs for the home include a very extensive variety of ornaments and glass furniture. Dining tables, of course, are no exception.

The great advantage of these is its practicality when combined with a color palette. While the wood is less ingenious, the red chairs provide vivacity, but at the same time elegance. It is a sober, timeless and, also, comfortable combination.

However, to work with tables of this material, one must be a bit selective as to the type that is chosen. Thus, in the same way, that thin glass looks on coffee tables, dining tables always require a tempered safety glass. Most buyers will be inclined to a round table, but when talking about the fragile matter, square shapes are much more reliable.

Little flashy details

Having red as the protagonist of the dining room is already a strong element, therefore, in this decoration applies the saying that less is more. That is a few ornaments on the table and dark colors in the case of incorporating them.

In the decoration of the tables, fruit platters are a regular option, but when the base is made of glass and the chairs are so striking, incorporating flowers, baskets or napkin rings can become interesting. It must be something tiny, very subtle, but that contributes as much as possible. In interior design, balance is always sought, not sterility.

The reliable wood

For those who prefer to maintain the tradition of wooden tables, the possibility is presented with solid chairs, with legs made of the same material and covered with a synthetic but elegant material.

Getting this combination to work requires dark wood, perhaps oak or mahogany. The mere presence of the chairs is already striking; therefore, it is preferable that the table is completely smooth. The details of the legs, however, can be presented with originality -pelling to the abstract for that creative souls-.

Take advantage of the contrasts

When the spaces of the home begin to be furnished, it is likely that the whole construction issue is done. So, if the vision of the owners is to include a dining room with red chairs, the most advisable and feasible is to maintain the contrast with that color.

Black, as a tonality, could play that role, but it is also true that not all people agree to use it. In that sense, it’s opposite – the white one – does fill every space it conquers in the house with harmony and neatness. Booking it for the dining room is and will always be a wise idea.

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