The dining room table is the main meeting place of the house, so we should make it attractive and practical; that’s why a square glass dining table seating 8 people is very original and with some advice, we find the right model for each day, for festive rounds, to eat, talk and play.

The long sides and compact dimensions make the square glass dining tables seating 8 people the perfect solution for homes with large families and with visits from friends and neighbors constantly. The larger the glass stop, the greater the advantage of a table in a manageable format. Of course, generously sized variants are also available.

Futuristic touch: dining tables with glass

Exceptionally well suited to a dining table with glass plate today. Above all, extraordinary stainless steel and aluminum frames with a glass surface for exceptional effect: the surface of the table does not even have to be transparent. The fine variations give a feeling of lightness that contributes to creating an elegant atmosphere in a loft.

If you only need a dining table for four people in daily life, but you also like to receive friends and family, you can opt for a square glass dining table with seating for eight, or … with a removable table. If your dining table turns out to be extendable, you do not have to organize any additional tables, but simply use the appropriate hook-up or extension tables.

In this way, for example, a round dining table that can be extended, on an oval table and a square plate of 4 8 seats are significantly longer. On some models, the extraction mechanism is integrated or the option of external expansion is included, while others are available separately.

Modern extendable dining tables often have a dubbing. Thanks to the extraction function, the extendable dining tables are very flexible in length. However, if you need a special measure, you can also find tables expandable to special providers.

The furniture is also flexible if you select a dining table with wheels. The mobile dining tables can be easily moved, creating an open space for yoga exercises and games.

Rectangular dining tables: classic for table lots

As the plan of most rooms is dominated by 90-degree angles, square dining tables are traditionally very popular. The tables for daily family life, as well as the long tables for banquets for celebrations and dinners, usually present a straight line. This stylistic device is predestined for a variety of decorating concepts, but especially modern worlds are based on optical clarity and optimal use of space.

Calculate per person with a table surface of 60 centimeters wide and 45 centimeters deep for the placement of plates, cutlery, and glass. Therefore, an angular dining table for 6 people should be at least 90 x 180 centimeters in size. For four people, a rectangular table with an edge of 80 centimeters is enough.

The kitchen or dining room is often referred to as the heart of the house, our glass dining tables are the place where community and closeness naturally arise in a family. It is not easy to decide on the wide range of shapes, styles, and materials, so our staff helps you find the right model.

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