A garden is the most beautiful and relaxing place in the house, for this reason, it must always be well cared for, it must be decorated with furniture that combines with the landscape, that is comfortable and at the same time beautiful. Also, they are durable so you can enjoy your garden for a long time.

The glass tables are great for open spaces; the glass reflects the light of day and at night reflects artificial light, giving an elegant touch to the place. Combined with excellent garden chairs, that space will look fantastic. You can celebrate meetings with your friends and they will be delighted with the decoration of the place.

If you have a glass table with wrought iron bases, you should only do maintenance every 2 or 3 years to the iron so that it does not rust, especially if your garden is in a place near the beach. Being the glass table, it will have very economical maintenance, you only need a little water and soap to clean it and it will always look like new. These dining tables and chairs are very resistant, so you’ll have it for a long time. If you do not have a covered area in your garden, there are tables like these that have a hole in the center so you can place an umbrella in the middle.

You can combine this table with a set of chairs of the same material, that is, forged too, with some cushions on the seat, they will be very comfortable and resistant. They will look great in your garden, giving that wonderful country look to the place.

If you like wood, there are glass tables that have wooden bases; they look rustic and elegant at the same time. The maintenance is the same as the previous one; you only need soap and water to clean the table. Their bases can be maintained with some wood product, but its use is not frequent. Combine this table with beautiful rustic wooden chairs, either with cushions on the seat, alone or with leather, that style rustic and modern at the same time, is very appreciated by all.

You do not have to worry because the table is glass, now the glass is tempered and very resistant to shock, the glass will not break by a simple blow. And if you want to innovate with your glass table, you can acquire those with stained glass, there are a wide range of colors to choose from.

Something you should take into consideration when choosing the table and chairs for the garden, is its durability, remember that the furniture will be exposed to the weather day and night, therefore, must be of very good quality to last for many years.

The rattan chairs are also a good solution to decorate in your garden, they are resistant, light and very comfortable, besides looking cute. The maintenance is very simple, you can wash them with water and if you use salt water, it is still much better, that will keep the fibers.

Wrought iron chairs are very durable and as mentioned above, they only require deep maintenance every 2 to 3 years. The rest with washing them with soap and water is enough to remove dust that may accumulate, as they are outdoors.

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