The contemporary glass table is a classic piece of furniture whose bright surface is successfully used indoors, or in spaces that leave something to be desired from the point of view of lighting. In this context, it reflects light and allows us to improve the general mood of the room.

Models of glass tables

Of all the forms and for all the tastes: Made for family reunions or for informal meals, a table is chosen according to the available space and the use that one wants to make of it. In our stores, the forms are numerous, which will be adapted to all interiors.

The size of the dining table

The compact glass tables with glass top and wooden base, inspired by the Scandinavian style, are perfect for small families of 4 members. This modern furniture could have rounded corners that give it a fascinating and original look.

Suitable for Eames chairs, a glass table of this design is ideal for decorating a small dining room or dining area in a kitchen or living room. But, if you are looking for a larger model, you can bet on a rectangular glass design table or even extendable models, with spaces of 6 to 12 chairs.

The material of the dining room table

The most sophisticated model is characterized by a glass table with a metal base and a tempered glass lid. The added benefit of this elegant product is that some also have an integrated extension. As for those who wish to find a model with a natural and original appearance, now they have the opportunity to acquire a table with a glass base and wooden base.

Another product of Scandinavian style consists of a transparent glass lid and solid oak base. For an even more Nordic atmosphere, accompany this table with wooden chairs, such as the famous Eames armchairs, for example.

Various and varied table styles

Alongside the glass dining tables, there is also a complete series of models of modern coffee tables with glass tops, such as furniture with legs in solid wood, shiny and durable metal, and glass bases that provide a table look floating.

The oval glass table is made for small spaces, while the marble glass dining table will easily adapt to a kitchen where it will bring its retro charm. The round glass coffee table with a chrome base or folding table will also be very practical tables or suitable for a modern environment.

According to needs and wishes

With our new urban lifestyles, meals are less informal, while the same model will be transformed as needed. Lovers of contemporary style will opt for a high-base table with room for 6 chairs, the very modern square table, with its tall, geometric lines.

This Eames chairs glass dining room design also offers many models with extension and with ingenious and artistic systems, as well as minimum space requirements. All the styles are on our website, which allows you to create bold associations between the old and the new.

We love the essential forms of contemporary glass tables with their tempered glass top, or the high pedestal of the square tables, the space of the roundtables, the genius of the extendable tables; all will be of great freshness, available in oak, pine or in materials such as metal and aluminum.

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