The blue is the color of serenity and harmony, depending on the tone used in decoration will give much peace and warmth to the environment. It is not very usual to see blue chairs and tables, since the general rules have always been the neutral colors, such as brown, beige, white and gray, for the decorations.

Trends come out every day, and blue becomes fashionable; a table with blue chairs in a dining room will look very original, in combinations with materials such as wood, the color of the curtains and walls will create a very harmonious and intimate atmosphere for everyone in the house. In the case of the dining room, you would get a very relaxed atmosphere. For a classic style would look perfect chairs in mahogany with padded backrest in dark blue fabrics to give more elegance and sobriety, or in the case of vintage style chairs with wooden legs in blue, and a quilted with light blue It would create a great impact.

 The table is usually always designed in wood and the chairs are the ones that make the difference in terms of the style of the colors, but with the new trends, it is possible to make a decoration with the table and the chairs in the same color tone, in this case, blue sky would be appropriate to give a very relaxed and full of peace. This color can be combined very well with white if balance is sought.

The materials used to make these decorations in blue would be wood and cotton and polyester fabrics of very good quality. As for the wood, it can be painted if it is second-hand furniture and you want to give a vintage style, and the fabrics can be designed in the preferred blue shade. As a whole, it is the chairs that add color to the decoration. On the other hand materials, such as glass, stainless steel, plastic, leather, synthetic, do not allow changes in color, but if you can make combinations with some, such as a glass table, with chairs in any shade of blue.

The tables and chairs of the kitchen, give more freedom to make decorations in blue tones for the simplicity of the furniture, although usually not always. A good solid wood table looks very original with blue chairs; A fantastic combination would be the white table and the chairs in any shade of blue. In short, there are many options to decorate with this color that conveys much peace and harmony.

The materials must be suitable; these usually go hand in hand with the colors that are going to be used to make a good combination. For example, some wooden chairs may be out of tune with a leather backrest and in blue color, it sounds strange, but everything is possible, and maybe you can see these types of designs in the decorations.

The dining tables and chairs will always be the protagonists of the decoration of a dining room and the kitchen. The blue color is the trend and there are a thousand combinations in that color to create the perfect environment. If you want to achieve harmony, peace, and balance, blue is the ideal color.

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