An essential element of the dining room, the table allows the whole family to gather during the meal. It comes in different forms, adapting to all desires and needs. However, it is not always easy to choose a Glass kitchen table and chairs given the multitude of offers.

Dining table: defining your needs

It is very easy to be tempted by a beautiful glass dining table, as it is elegant and sophisticated. However, does it really meet your needs? Is there enough space in the house? Beautiful furniture, there are many. You must first define your needs before embarking on a purchase. First, this furniture combines functionality and style. It must be harmonized with the rest of the decoration and offer maximum comfort.

Dining table: space

Think about the frequency of use, the size of the room and the number of people before buying a glass dining table. The first thing to define is the location of the table in the dining room. Is there enough space for a rectangular, oval or square glass table?

There is a multitude of glass models that respond to different needs in the market. In a large room, a solid table will fit perfectly. It will be placed in the center of the room or a little behind.

In a large space, there are almost no restrictions. The table can be elongated, round, square or rectangular. For a small area, a square or rectangular model is usually adequate because it can be installed in a corner of the room. The folding tables are perfect for small rooms and offer additional seats when unfolding. To save space and promote the movement of fluids in the room, the table folds when not in use.

It is important to take exact measurements of the space available in the dining room. It is necessary to leave about 70 cm of free space around the table and about 60 cm behind the chairs so that everyone can get up and sit down without worries.

Modern models of glass tables

The choice of model depends to a large extent on the tastes of each one, although some practical parameters must be considered.

The extendable table

This type of table is distinguished by its modular nature and the possibility of extending it. For this, it has extensions to deploy or install between its two extremes. Its main advantage lies in the space-saving offered. Without extensions, this stop is easily placed in a corner of the room. Once the extensions are deployed, it easily accommodates many guests.

Low table lift

Ideal for small spaces, this dining table is low and has a mechanism to adjust its height, it can be used as a dining table and coffee table for coffee.

The forms

The round shape is the easiest to use because everyone at the table looks at each other. A single central leg frees space to add as many chairs as possible without guests being hindered. The rectangular shape offers maximum space and the square shape is suitable for small spaces and for couples.

The dimensions of the dining table

The choice of a glass dining table is also made according to the dimensions of the dining room, but also according to the number of people usually sitting around. The frequency of receptions is another parameter to take into account when choosing its size.

Keep in mind that a too large table in a narrow room visually reduces space. However, it is very possible to choose one of our extensible designs, which allows you to add space for more people. For a table that serves as a dining area and desk, we recommend choosing our large models to accommodate computers, books, and other documents.

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