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Round Dining Table Gumtree London Vs Round Dining Table: Which Is Better?

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If buying a dining room qualifies as a titanic task for lovers of minimalism, it is enough to imagine how they feel when evaluating the characteristics of each style and model of the table in which they will share their meal times.

The debate is not so extensive or chilling, however, the advice in this article focuses on an interesting focus: round tables versus squares. Many defend the first and others excel the second with arguments of equal validity. However, comparisons should be based on more specific issues than mere aesthetics.

Which one has more dining aspect?

This question is elementary before proceeding with the purchase. And it is the purpose of the same that establishes the first point for the round models, which earn more than according to the opinion of the customers.

Perhaps because of its roots in popular culture or because of aesthetics, but as far as dining tables are concerned, people immediately associate them with the support of a perfect circumference.

The square tables are more practical and functional, but they do not finish getting rid of that dye of auxiliary table that characterizes them for so long time.

Which occupies less space?

Although the round tables go in agreement with the familiar and cozy atmosphere of a dining room, those of straight lines add a considerable amount of points when comparing them.

Why? The truth is said without qualms: the square tables, regardless of their size, can be arranged in the center or in the corners without becoming a complete nuisance at lunchtime.

In that order and ideas, if what a buyer is looking for is a functional table, with which it can save space and be easy to move and distribute in the house, the squares are undoubtedly the ideal ones.

In which room can more diners?

This is relative and depends entirely on the actual dimensions of a table. However, if a comparison is made taking perspective as a point of support, a square table seems to be able to cover more diners than a round table.

All this is a matter of harmony and corners. The circular tables have no beginning or end, while in the confines of the rectangles or squares that support a dining room, there is always a corner for someone else.

Which are easier to decorate?

The round tables, without a doubt, the center is the axis of everything and from there, tablecloths, individual candles, and baskets seem to be a good alternative for decoration.

With the square tables, given their symmetrical nature, the ornaments can be less fruitful, although there will always be alternatives for each model.

The biggest drawback of square tables in this section is the virtue that got in the previous two: its corners. And the bigger the dimensions, the bigger the challenge of creating a cozy atmosphere with this kind of tables.


Because of their own qualities, each table has a positive and negative focus. So, if aesthetics is valued before practicality, a round table is the appropriate option.

If on the contrary, the importance is concentrated on the practicality and daily use of a table, do not hesitate twice to go for one of the straight lines.

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