A glass table matches well with most organic materials and accessories, but strong materials also can be a complement. Given the popularity of glass dining tables with a modern style, it is not surprising that designers continue to exploit this material and offer us more and more attractive models.

The glass of these tables for the dining room is hard, bright, brittle and transparent, it is resistant to scratches, to stains, it is easy to maintain. The glass in these table designs comes in many types: clear, extra clear, frosted, polished, tempered, laminated, etc.

The designers and their ideas

The glass is beautiful, discover our range of products for the dining room exploring the different categories of furniture and find your style. Our tables are designed to give a contemporary character to your dining room.

The glass, with its delicacy and transparency, seduces designers and elegantly appears in furniture adapting to all styles. For example, you can opt for a completely transparent glass table model, which leaves nothing to chance and gets rid of the superfluous.

Of luminosity without equal, it brings softness and purity to space, in a very contemporary style. The ideas of the Italian brand Levante are another good example: they are contemporary extendable dining tables with a transparent surface and elegant shining chrome legs, giving the impression of an even lighter piece of furniture floating in the air.

Round glass tables

The glass tray is delicately placed on the legs of the table for a more retro style. With an amazing simplicity, functional and light, despite its imposing size, this glass dining table is ennobled with its wooden base.

Glass and metal tables

Metal is another material complementary to the glass. But, unlike wood, metal does not oppose glass surfaces but completes them.

As a result, this material is usually present next to a contemporary glass table, in the form of accessories or furniture components (table legs, chairs, floor lamps or other small decorative items).

Coffee table

You can also choose a small glass coffee table, which will bring modernism and distinction to any space while bringing light and brightness. Glass is also found in the association of beautiful materials, such as wood. Perfect example: a Plisset coffee table with a glass lid and a stainless steel base is a true work of art.

The Xerox table is a design that compares to a rest near a lake in the field. An accomplishment that invites poetic moments and sharing. Reinforced glass and metal return light and allows the elements arranged inside to be visible while opaque, a perfect inclusion for an elegant and modern decoration.

Chairs to match

To dress your table, we offer a new range of chairs for all budgets. The ultra-modern design chairs and low suspension combine perfectly with the glass tables and give the room a modern and contemporary look, while the wooden chairs end up giving it that desirable vintage character.

Our range of tables for the dining room is made of modern materials in a simple, elegant and timeless style. The glass is resistant, light, easy to clean and requires little maintenance. Order them today at an unbeatable price, before you are exhausted. When you buy a table game we make a promotional offer about other products of our stores, check the available options.

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