The success of decoration is in choosing the furniture well, regardless of style, comfort, design, and balance; it will be the key to achieve a wonderful effect. The dining room is one of the spaces in the house where a lot of attention is paid when decorating, it is the space chosen by the family to share, and to celebrate special occasions such as Christmas dinners and birthdays; each piece that is part of the decoration, reflects the personality of the inhabitants of the house, and the harmony that is in it.

 The furniture is chosen for the decoration as the dining table and chairs must be selected first according to the style you want to project, depending on the trend or fashion, the furniture must be combined, although you can make choices of various styles, it is better than the ensemble, in general, is in tune. The design is another point to pay close attention, they must be practical and functional, as well as attractive and provide elegance, class, and good taste, and you can achieve all that if you choose the furniture of good quality and with good professional orientation for decoration.

The ideal tables for the dining rooms are rectangular or oval, preferably in wood, such as mahogany or cedar; the classic lines in the design never go out of style and give a very elegant style if they can be combined with chairs. The normal thing is that they are of 6 places of diners, but if there is a big space, those of 8, 10 and 12 places will be spectacular; we must remember that space must be provided, that allows the free transit of everyone in the house.

The chairs are very important not only in the style that should fit with the rest of the furniture but for its functionality, ie the comfort for diners, with good design of its legs to give good support to the diner, a good cushion upholstery for give comfort in the backrest, and at the appropriate height in proportion to the table.

The tables and chairs that make up the dining room should be of a defined style where the integration of the whole can be seen. The table and chairs in the dining room are usually classic and elegant by tradition, but today there are many trends that change daily, and many combinations can be made, even with simple furniture.

The dining table and chairs should be very practical and functional, since they are part of the house where there is more activity during the day, many tasks are carried out on the table, including homework, furniture, etc. of a resistant material and proof of everything, the most common are the tables of solid wood, plastic, and aluminum; If the decoration in the kitchen is very elaborate or modern it is very good, but in the same way the table and chairs selected for the decoration must be very functional.

The tables along with the chairs are indispensable in any decoration, for its utility and comfort. Regardless of style, it is better to make an appropriate choice, the right combinations will be the decorators’ strategies to create the ideal environment

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