At present, many trends were left aside, replaced by fresh ideas in all areas. In order to advance the world, some have worked and others are still fighting to be “in fashion”, without achieving it.

Also, this century has returned the fashions that once were, in clothing, footwear, haircuts from the aesthetic point of view, and with some ornaments for the home from the domestic perspective. One of those trends, for the year that begins, is the rattan chairs.

The boom of these occurred in the 1970s. Because of its natural characteristics, its beauty, and versatility, this material is being repatriated to furniture stores and is adapting in a very good way to the new table designs that exist today.

One of the reasons that have more weight on the popularity of these chairs, is that they are friendly to the environment. In this wave of protection to ecosystems and everything that composes nature, rattan is the best friend of associations such as Greenpeace, which every year adds more volunteers.

However, leaving aside the philanthropic vein, there are four other characteristics that summarize the boom and prosperity of this trend in the furniture market.

They work outdoors and indoors

Like wicker, which has always been used to manufacture furniture for exteriors and interiors, rattan was made with a space within the industry that is already impossible to replace.

This Asian plant, with its classic shapes and clear tone, works with the same proportion indoors and outdoors. Of course, people can be quite fussy about the table to combine it.

Having such a beautiful and versatile material, do not hesitate much: tempered glass is a good option, especially because it contrasts very well with one another.

You can paint

The rattan, originally, has a desert yellow color, almost like that of dry straw. For some people, this is not a problem at all, while others will find any difficulty in combining it with the rest of their furniture.

The great advantage of rattan, in that sense, is that it can be painted. Be it white, black or purple, this material absorbs the paint quite clearly. Hence, the manufacturing companies sell them in their original state or add them to the stock completely painted.

They are ideal for the outdoors

Indoors, with crystal tables and pompous cushions, the rattan is practically indestructible. The good news is that outdoors he also fights back and forth against the humidity, the scorching sun and the constant changes over time.

This is an advantage for those who invest in their furniture in order to have them with them for many years. Call rocking chair, lawn chair or armchair for the table, the rattan is appreciated and works in many scenarios.

They combine with many decorative styles

When thinking about rattan, the bohemian can appear in the imagination. It is natural and also valid if you consider the design that usually carries this type of chairs. However, it has shown that it can be a chic and sophisticated element in the dining area if it is correctly located and combined with well-directed items.

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