Marking styles in interior decoration has become the latest trend of designers; the dining room is a sacred place in the home for being one of the places where families congregate at the time of the celebrations, and more significant celebrations for the family like dinners and birthdays. When choosing a style to decorate, you must select the right furniture for what you intend to project, modernity, freshness, warmth or class.

 With the new trend of decorators, it is possible that in the selection of the dining tables and chairs do not match, this can happen and is valid within the designs and styles you want to achieve. To find the ideal design many of the decorators have chosen to mix several styles in the furniture, achieving most of the times surprising changes, with different nuances but at the same time achieve harmony and balance within the room.

It is important to find the balance between the elements of a set, in this case, the table and chairs when they do not match, but it has a contemporary style and its colors are consistent and manage to blend naturally, you can achieve a different but very striking effect at the same time. The materials should also fit very well and take into account that if you want to achieve a rustic style for example, perhaps a metal table with bamboo chairs would not come very well.

 Another example would be that if you look for lightness and comfort, place a wooden table with plastic or metal chairs, in this case, the design is very out of context, but we should see another factor that is the design of the furniture.

Wanting to make a drastic change to innovate can get out of hand sometimes, it is better to make the differences subtly and retaining a predominant style, although the chairs do not match the tables, this is not a big problem as long as the style and the materials are related or go in the same line.

When you want to integrate different materials within a decoration, what you really want is to have a more bohemian style; in this case even the chairs can be different from each other. The combinations of colors, shapes, and styles can create surprising and unique results in style, which is what is intended to achieve.

 The trends come and go and it is not surprising that style and designs are mixed within a set such as a dining table and chairs. Here what matters is the balance and harmony between all the elements. Knowing how to combine colors and shapes in decoration is an art. For a decorator, it is important to know the taste, tradition, and culture of the owner of the property before daring to merge their ideas in the design of the dining room.

The most important thing is to ensure that the materials and colors of the chairs and the dining room are related, and achieve a warm and cozy effect in the dining room; this is what is intended to be achieved as this is the heart of the home. A professional expert will know how to play with the different styles and will surely match all the furniture elements in the dining room, even if they are made of different materials and the colors are not compatible.

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