Dressing a dining room is an art, which is the place where everyone shares more than food; there are celebrations and more emotional encounters between family and friends. The dining table is very practical but when it is not being used it should look great together with the chairs to give a very modern appearance and quality, which at the same time will contribute with the elegance of the decoration.

The style that is going to be chosen to make a decoration will depend on the image and projection that you want to give, such as, for example, if it is classical, then you will look for very elaborate furniture styles and materials such as solid wood or oak. In recent years the trends vary greatly, and one of the designs of tables and chairs widely used are those glass dining tables, for its elegance and comfort.

 This design of dining tables and chairs is very elegant and sober, what predominates in its design are the excellent finishes in the fabrics and the great comfort they offer. Usually, the materials used for its manufacture is wood such as oak or synthetic material, metal, leather, cotton, and polyester, of the best quality; For the tables, it is also common to use marble and glass.

These tables and chairs are very classic in their original designs, but they have adapted very well with the modern style, and in the case of chairs their designs for office decorations are very sought after. In the homes, they give a friendly, comfortable and quality appearance to the room like the dining rooms. The predominant colors for their designs stand out more than all the neutral tones such as brown or beige, although the most classic sets opt for dark colors such as blue and wine.

The furniture of decoration must be very well selected, and be clear of the image you want to project, the Molteni style adapts very well to the most formal decorations, ideal for business rooms, offices, and executive lunches, they are very elegant, practical and functional for your convenience.

 There is a wide variety of models, sizes, and shapes that can be combined in any decoration and achieve a classic and elegant style. The tables vary in shapes such as round, square and rectangular, may well have room for four, six, or eight guests or even more, similarly the chairs are anatomically designed to give better comfort and to create the complete set together with the table.

 Many of the chairs also have designs in their seats that are removable, to create different environments in the decoration. The most popular are the Chelsea chair model that goes with almost all the designs of the tables. Filigrees are another model that stands out among the tables.

 The idea is to look for a contemporary style among the many models and designs presented by the glass dining tables to create an appropriate style and good taste in decoration. The designs of this style of furniture are usually very modern and elegant, practical and functional; ideal for business rooms, but you can also find many warm, homely styles, which give balance and harmony within the family.

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