Currently, the open concept in homes is very fashionable. The room and the dining room do not have a marked division as they had before. It takes better advantage of space and natural lighting is much better. You can attend your guests in a more optimal way, since from the kitchen you can see them or from the room you can talk with them, without stopping doing what you were doing.

It can be better shared in an open concept house than in a traditional house. The open concept solves a lot in spaces that are small. The living room, the dining room, and the kitchen area in the same space, but at the same time, they are delimited by the decoration of the place. They are not separated with walls as they are in traditional houses, but the decoration of the place is what defines each space. You also see each space much larger than it really is, by not having those walls that reduce space.

While you are cooking, you can chat with your guests, share their ideas and chats. From the dining room, they can share with you without having to move to another enclosed space as the kitchen used to be. It is for this reason, that it seems that the dining room table and chairs were in the living room, but actually belong to the dining room.

With a glass dining table and chairs that match, you can define the space of the dining room and separate it from the room, without having to enclose it between walls. A glass dining table would look very elegant in the place. The natural light that penetrates the corners, will give an air of elegance to the dining room when reflected in the glass.

Being an open space, much more natural light penetrates and the reduced spaces will look much larger and more spacious. The air circulates much better between spaces in an open concept. Here you can see the advantage of having a glass dining table. As the light reflects, it makes space look bigger, without obstacles to travel, even if it is small.

In the open spaces or open concept, you can play with the natural light and the decoration of the house; with many things in the decoration, space can be seen recharged. However, details in the decoration without recharging it can make the place a magical place to share. Everyone likes to be in the kitchen while their host cooks the last minute dishes, but with the open concept, those same people can be in the dining room and in the living room, without disturbing the host and can share with him in everything moment. You will not miss the gossip of the week because you were in the kitchen.

The dining table should be in accordance with space, the most recommended are the glass tables, you can get a round table so that your guests feel more empathetic when talking during the meal. Or you can also purchase an extendable glass table, this way you can seat more guests during your meetings. The chairs should be comfortable, remember that they may stay more hours sitting at the table if they use it for some kind of entertainment in it. While the other guests enjoy some delicious dessert while chatting in the room.

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