Glass dining table and living room, the dining table for its originality will energize the interior of any house and you will love it! This type of table is designed and has a tempered glass top and a base of wood or stainless steel. Tempered glass is a glass five times stronger than traditional glass.

Therefore, it adapts perfectly to its use in furniture: it will appreciate its resistance and ease of maintenance! The originality of the bases of our glass dining tables explains all the attention drawn to them. More than a simple kitchen or dining table, this table is an object of decoration that will delight you with its presence and will beautify your home.

The flute design glass table

A true jewel of manufacture, the glass lid rests on a single foot of aluminum, whose shape evokes a crystal champagne glass. The glass lets in the light and highlights the metallic nuances of the foot. With its light shapes and clean lines, this design glass table gives a touch of celebration without extravagance inside.

We also have versions of this type of tables equipped with two lateral glass extensions, this table, originally designed for four people, can be extended to accommodate six people.

The extendable dining table

It is a model of our selection of technological tables. It incorporates two extensions that allow you to increase its length up to 240 cm and sit 10 people around the table. This small dining table and extendable glass chairs will be at the heart of the most lively and convivial meals.

It is a well-established model in its time, the combination of a transparent glass lid and stainless steel legs results in contemporary and even futuristic furniture. And since it has nothing to hide, it reveals its structure and its legs. We like this direct and authentic character!

The stainless steel table

The glass will not fail to attract light and appearance, to place this table in the center of attention. But do not be fooled by its apparent lightness, this type of glass table keeps the legs on the ground thanks to its imposing stainless steel base, a guarantee of solidity and stability.

We will adopt this table to organize a modern decoration, or to energize a somewhat classical decoration. The sober and assertive design of this creation will not fail to awaken the curiosity of your guests. Through this table, the slogans of simplicity, efficiency, and functionality are defined.

If you approve this design, this model is definitely for you! Then you have to own this piece of furniture and organize meals that only look like you!

The ideal extensible table

For the dining room, living room or large kitchen, practical and functional, it folds and unfolds in a very simple way. Small in its compact version, it will be perfect for your meals of everyday life. It only takes a few seconds to deploy and install your guests: the last-minute guests will not catch you unprepared!

Easy to clean, the transparent glass lid and the stainless steel legs are cleaned simply with a soft cloth. This model is also available in different extension versions. And if you want more information about the selection of glass tables, do not hesitate to browse the dedicated page.

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