Make a decoration may be one of the most wonderful and stressful experiences that may exist, and this not only because of the amount of work that has to be done but also because it is a path of learning and discovery that is really worth crossing. For a dining room it is especially interesting, because you have to consider many more things than in a conventional room, for example the board game.

This can be a decision that is especially complicated, after all there are many things to consider, and among them is the size of this, the material, the form and even its versatility and ease of cleaning.

The good thing is that there are many options that can be used, and one of them is the dining table and cork chairs, an option that is certainly quite unique, but that has advantages that few know, and unfortunately are lost!

Cork is by nature a fairly resistant material, but what other advantages does it have? They are more than any imaginary one, and that is their charm. In the first room it is impermeable, which undoubtedly facilitates the cleaning, the liquids cannot enter so easily.

Secondly it can be considered that it is quite resistant to heat, so if the family is the one that prefers to put hot pots on the surface of the table, then this is the ideal material, after all it will not cause any damage, not even in the long run.

What about touch? Many would think that this point is quite uncomfortable, but in reality it is the opposite, because the cork is soft in itself, in addition to the corners would be much safer for children, if they are inside the home. The resistance to the different impacts of the body or friction is something that has no comparison, a material that is undoubtedly strong.

But despite the many features that have been named, it does not end at all with its wonderful advantages. That is antiallergic is something that would undoubtedly be very good for most families, and clear that the zero absorption of powders simply makes it impeccable.

One of the most important things about the dining table and chairs is that it is a natural fire retardant, which in a few words means a quite impressive fire barrier. Being an isolator of the acoustics is also something that has no comparison; if you have many people it is perfect, because it will simply give more silence to any space.

Last, but not least, is that it is a 100% recyclable material, that’s amazing! The harvest with which the cork is created does not damage any type of tree at all, since it is obtained only from the bark.

As you can see there are materials that are different, but it really has advantages that are worth trying. Unfortunately there are few who dare to be deferential, and those are the ones who miss this kind of wonders. Being innovative is the key to finding fantastic things, it is not a setback to have something that is not in absolute trend, but rather something positive when you discover the perfect material.

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