White lacquered materials are ideal for cultivating purity and elegance. You can also choose a glass table whose transparency will bring lightness and sophistication to your interior. Fall in love with an industrial-inspired brushed metal model. Keep in mind that a wooden table will be the most beautiful effect and will provide warmth and authenticity to the room, with elegance.

With its inimitable style, the glass tables are suitable for any type of decoration: minimalist, classic, retro, industrial, vintage, etc. They also adapt to different types of rooms: in the living room as an auxiliary table or dining table or in more traditional environments with more classic materials and pieces, such as upholstered chairs.

Why use glass?

The glass furniture has the particularity of being integrated with all the styles in which its interior is baroque, classic, regional or very contemporary, the glass will bend according to your needs and will be the star in all circumstances.

Several tips will allow you to integrate the glass inside without much cost. For example, think about placing glass shelves, their lightness and fluidity will melt them into the decoration. Another tip is to cover your furniture with a glass plate, so the dining table will be bright thanks to a transparent glass lid.

Glass and wood table

The current trend is to orientate our decoration towards Zen environments in contemporary interiors with natural colors. Glass is naturally in place in these worlds, because its transparency will not affect the chosen materials and its brightness will provide clarity and space.

If many young children live in the house, opt instead for a wooden table. Robust, easy to maintain, it will also be less dangerous in case of blows. Choose beech or oak wood, less fragile than pine. Another advantage of glass and not least is cleaned with a single pass of sponge for our greatest comfort.

Tempered glass is safer. This is necessary only if there are children in the room. Otherwise, if the glass is placed on a table, to protect the table, it is not mandatory to carry a safety glass. The transparent glass of 6 mm is perfectly adequate.

The personalized carved glass can also cover a coffee table, but also antique furniture, garden furniture, etc. In addition to the decorative side, these table tops will protect the surfaces of your furniture while highlighting them.

Choose a personalized glass table

If you want to modernize your decoration with customized tables, opt for glass: an ideal material to add light to your kitchen. Here are the keys to choosing your glass plate depending on its support and surface.

  • The glass tray rests entirely on the table.
  • Glass rests on its periphery.
  • Glass rests at the corners of the table.

To have the best possible finish for your custom glass, choose polished edges. This technique brings a smooth and aesthetic appearance to your glass tray. You can also ask for rounded corners to avoid injuries at the angles of the table. If you want a particular form of the custom-made safety glass plate, we offer tempered glass, glass tray in various shapes: round, square, triangular and oval.

We offer crystal village furniture dining table and chairs. Enjoy it, whether it’s low-cost labels or high-level models, the choice is yours! But be careful, if the decorating criteria are important, so as not to be wrong, it is better to combine them with practical considerations.

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