Generally, for a glass dining table, you choose a wooden base. These glass dining tables will change your opinion and make you love this transparent and very elegant material. When you look at it, you have the impression that it is not a table, but a true work of art. Its very modern design redefines the word elegance.

The coffee table and the dining table are the centerpiece of the decoration for the home. That’s why, even if we try to stay objective, the design will always be what we look for in a new table first.

Table materials

This type of design is a mixture of good taste and simplicity. A base of wood, metal, plastic stone with a bright top, one, two, three or four legs of favorite material and a transparent glass top are the only elements that make up the luxury dining table.

Size of the table

Large enough for the whole family, it has optimal dimensions and is very well thought out. However, you should find chairs that complete the glass table. It is best to opt for simple bright white chairs that combine with the base of wood or stainless steel.

The resistance of the table

As for the resistance of this type of furniture, you do not have to worry about it. The tray is very thick with a high quality glass that will not easily give up and will remain intact in the face of everyday shocks. It also has a very good balance that allows you to put things on the ends without being afraid of it falling.

Round table or oval table

The round or oval coffee and the dining table can be very light when it rests on a thin base, or very robust and imposing when its base coincides with the rounded shape of its tray. Always very friendly, the round table is better suited to large living rooms or kitchens where it will take place in the center, surrounded by several pieces of furniture: a sofa or many chairs, for example.

Some round tables contain storage spaces integrated into the base, others play with your tray adding compartments and drawers for fun decoration. If you have a small kitchen or living room and you absolutely want a luxury glass dining table and chairs, think about nesting round tables, a modular space saving!

A square table or rectangular table

The square table is suitable for a large number of spaces, simply adapt the size to the surface. Perceived as robust, that gives character to the dining room, the square table is not welcome in small interiors, for fear of overloading the decoration and not circulating properly.

The rectangular coffee table is the most common form indoors. It adapts well to rooms with furniture. The rectangular table is also the most suitable model for narrow dining rooms, designed in length. Therefore, it is the model that best suits all surfaces and all configurations.

Therefore, to be able to circulate freely in the room, choose our narrow, but long tables, so that it remains useful and functional. If your dining room is very small, think about choosing a discreet and thin base to avoid tripping. Well chosen, according to the style of its decoration, our rectangular table can become a decorative element, even in the essential part of your living room.

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