In the kitchen, we prepare good meals for ourselves, our family and friends, but not only that. We also take most of the family reunions, birthdays and celebrations, and a kitchen table adapted to your needs is chosen with care: size, shape, materials, it is necessary to think about everything.

What size? Which way?

Large family or single student newly married or retired couple, the priorities is not the same for everyone. When choosing a kitchen table, the first thing to consider is the size of the room and the number of people who can meet to eat.

Little space

If it is a small kitchen, we must resort to the most practical, a small square table for 2 people, or a slightly larger for 4 people, it is ideal.

Medium space

If it is a medium-sized independent kitchen, a square or rectangular table will be easier to integrate. It is even possible to stick the table against a wall or a piece of furniture to save space and use it as a countertop if the kitchen counter is not enough.

Big space

If the room is a good size, a Louis round dining table and glass chairs will facilitate circulation. For a really big kitchen, why not opt ​​for a beautiful designer table? Convivial, practical, full of charm, these large tables have all the qualities.

Materials for a dining table

If your kitchen table allows you to eat three times a day and have children, it is better to find a table that is easy to clean, for a time saving that can be consistent at the end of the day. We must not forget the design: practical, certainly, but also beautiful and that combines with the decoration.

Glass tables are possible with many base combinations; the design will be the priority in this choice since the glass is very easy to clean and remains a strong material that seems fragile and delicate. This is an option however possible if the table is used mainly to show off some things, including a fruit basket.

Wood has the advantage of being beautiful, warm and strong. A glass table with wooden legs is a good compromise, very practical with a totally modern vintage style and flashing colors.

For the models of more traditional kitchen tables, oak is still a safe bet and will be applied to any type of kitchen. If you are a cook, your table can be more than useful for kneading or cutting. In this case, the priority is a robust table that is not afraid to be a little shaken.

The options in original designs

Of course, a table is a table: a tray and four legs. However, there are some options to think about. Should I have extensions, in case of impromptu meetings? There is a very smart table model, and it can change their lives when they invite friends to dinner, we offer a coffee table that turns into a dining table.

Just add some stools, and voila! Ready, is not it? This can be useful if the kitchen is open to the dining room or living room. On the other hand, if the kitchen is independent, we can imagine that the guests will be directed to the dining room, which will undoubtedly have a table with extensions so that everyone can find a place.

For the most original, a table that serves as storage of the crockery can have a double function and allow to eat there thanks to a tray that opens and folds. We specialize in versatile furniture: they offer models of kitchen tables of all sizes with many possibilities, and can even be folded without having the impression of eating at a camping table.

Wow look at this!

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