Celebrations at home always generate some anxiety, especially because we are thinking where to locate all our guests, whether family or friends, the goal is to make a good impression and be able to serve them excellently.

Having large spaces in the house when serving a meal, is also another element that can generate some anguish, but is prepared for it. This is how, later we will be developing some ideas so you have alternatives when seating up to 10 people at the table.

In these cases, round tables are a great alternative, due to their ability to locate people, since the fact of being in a circular shape helps to better distribute the space, achieving a pleasant and pleasant time during the meal.

Among the options, the glass tables are always privileged because of their easy maintenance, although some people insist that cleaning them is complicated because there are situations in which they remain stained. To solve this, we offer you:

1. Place a decorative tablecloth on the glass table.

2. Have specialized glass cleaning products on hand.

In the same way, that the tables of posts for 4 people, there are also those with 10 posts and even more. It is to the customer’s liking, the capacity he wants to have at home when choosing the dining room set.

The combination of a glass table with capacity for 10 people is a challenge for designers, since usually a dining room can have a board game of up to 6 seats.

The first thing to consider is that the space where this table for 10 people is located should also be wide and adequate. And the second thing is that due to the breadth of the table we should not overload extravagant decorations the space of the dining room.

It will always be a good alternative to have a table for 8 people, to which you can add 2 additional chairs. Of course, in the event that you do not have enough space in the dining room, otherwise, evaluate all the possibilities to allocate a table with 10 seats to your dining area.

The exteriors are also a good alternative for locating wider tables, a garden or a terrace would be ideal spaces to place this type of furniture. In addition, eating outdoors always generates an unparalleled experience for everyone.

The advice in these cases is very important, for example visualize the finishes of the glass table, and whether round or square, and the chairs with which they are combined will always give a different touch to the space you have to eat. For this reason, we suggest that before making a decision on the table and chairs that will incorporate in your home, I sought specialized guidance so you can optimize your spaces.

It is about being prepared to receive, more people than usual at home, now if the family is very large then, do not think about it for a moment, and decide on the tables for 10 people. Remember that the rewarding thing is being able to share in confidence and without limits of space.

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