There is no doubt that the dining table is an elemental and functional piece. That is why it is not strange that someone can spend hours, days and weeks trying to select the ideal dining room set to decorate the dining room and thus provide the comfort that is so much desired and that this space is at home, one of those indicated for it.

In knowledge and decorative agreements, the table is the most significant piece of the dining room because it is the first thing that will be considered to dictate the style of the space, what its design will look like.

What kind of table?

The rectangular tables are those tested for narrow and elongated spaces. They can adapt from four to eight people.

The square table (usually measures 60 x 60 inches) are very practical because it has the advantage of forming two people on each side, even when it is the space that occupies least. Likewise, it offers independent space in the center to locate the food.

The round table also usually is very operative and functional, since it can accommodate up to six people in a small space. It also allows them a much closer interaction.

The triangular table, usually, fits up to six people (two on each side). It is not as variable as the others. It can be said that for the space of the dining room, many doubt at the time of selecting it, all for the way.

The dining table with extension capacity is very practical since it allows to seat up to two additional guests. In the vast majority of families, more if they are numerous, opt for this design, because it provides comfort and location for a large number of guests.

Why the pier glass table and chairs?

Among other advantages is that:

  • It makes the spaces look less heavy because when radiating natural light gives the impression and that is how it feels, that there is more extension.
  • Thanks to its sharpness it favors playing more with the decoration because it is combined with other colors and furniture in said space of the house.
  • Achieve a more distinguished and sophisticated style
  • Disadvantages of glass tables
  • Sometimes it is a danger for children and some guests. Invited,
  • The filth is much more noticeable, fingers and dust are evident if not cleaned regularly.
  • They are easier to break.
  • It is necessary to have double care in the decoration since what is below counts also, in the dining tables ideally have a carpet and a decoration that combines with the top because everything is seen.
  • They can be more expensive.

In decorative aspects, in the glass table of Pierone, its base will be the one that will impose the decoration of the area.

The thickness of the glass should be at least half an inch.

In comparison with wood, it is very practical since its surface is easier to clean.

As for the chairs:

Be sure to select the right size, as they should not take up more space than necessary around the table. The idea is that the guest feels comfortable and comfortable to perform their movements.

Neutral tones have the ease of providing the option of decorative combinations.

Wow look at this!

This is an optional, highly
customizable off canvas area.

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