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Learn How To Decorate With a large London Dining Table

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When moving to a larger house or apartment, we have to fill the rooms in an intelligent way to guarantee free movement; form a balanced space, with class and that is practical, taking into account that most of the daily activities are shared in the dining room of the house.

To place a large London dining table, you must consider the space available. Starting from the point of view that the group that will gather around will be more than 5 people, we must think about the acquisition of a large table.

In this way, the moments to share will be enjoyed with tranquility and there will be enough places for the diners, the different types of meals and dishes that are placed on the menu; as well as to make a good after-dinner and spend as much time as possible on this site.

For the rooms that are quite large, a large London dining table is suggested, which can be rectangular, to seat large families or round, so that they can observe each other and the conversation is more enjoyable.

A rectangular table with capacity for 12 or 16 people, should measure between 220 and 260 centimeters long. The advantage offered by a large round table is that more chairs can be attached, without taking away the freedom of space for the next dinner.

As for the large tables that have a square shape, one can be considered as having 210 x 240 centimeters in diameter. With these dimensions, you can sit up to about 12 people, well distributed.

Another aspect to assess is the space that must be arranged between the table or the chair with the seated guest and the wall of the room. It is important to contemplate about 50 centimeters for people to walk, without having to trip over diners or ask them to give them a pass.

In this sense, a very practical and versatile option is to complement the large London dining table with stools or stools, which, although not very comfortable, will save a lot of space and accommodate more guests.

This alternative is viable when the table is located in the exterior areas of the house, such as the garden or the terrace. In these cases, the selected material must be solid wood or wrought and treated iron, so that they resist the action of sun, rain, and wind without problems and always remain as new.

To locate a large table in the room, you have to choose a fairly bright place and where ventilation is excellent. This will help people to be fresh and the smells of food not to spread throughout the house.

In addition, the natural light of the sun will fill the environment with energy, but you must take precautions and place light curtains or blinds so that when you want to cover them and avoid the sun’s rays hit the guests, you can do it without complications.

You must be very clear where you will place it because its dimensions will not be an easy table to move. So, measure the place well and determine the exact point at which you will install it because moving it afterward will not be a simple task nor will it be pleasant for the guests.

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