Furnishing a house is a strenuous and rewarding task at the same time. There are those who will have the opinion of experts for big and small details, while others will have to decide for themselves from the sofas to the dining room table.

In this regard, it is worth clarifying that to buy a dining table does not need to be an expert, but to stick to some considerations that will facilitate the work and may be helpful during the purchase. In this sense, this guide presents the three fundamental aspects that directly or indirectly influence the decision.

Forms and table models

At first glance, it could be said that there are two alternatives in terms of shapes: round or rectangular. But no, the truth is that the furniture industry extends in particular ways and languages. It is enough to learn and use the imagination to know what is good and what is not.

The square tables, in that sense, are ideal for small spaces, as their width is compensated with incredible adaptability. A plus of this class of dining rooms is that they can be purchased in extensible versions, there are any material and are, generally, economical.

Following the thread of the “corner” dining rooms, the rectangular ones are the boom for almost all families. Practical and versatile, it is safe to see them in all sizes, lengths, and designs. If the space is moderately large, one of these copies could grant the desired.

The oval and round have the particularity of softening the stage where they are installed. Its rounded edges provide the class, style and are pleasing to the eye. It is always recommended to buy wood and glass or with a marble base because they tend to be more formal.

Finally, the safeguard of the dining rooms comes from the hand of the extendable tables, as they triple their original size. These are special for outdoor activities and informal decorations, where the abundance of diners will stand out above all things.


When acquiring a dining room, the fundamental determine what size is needed. In that sense, there are three types.

First, the dining rooms for four people. Informal, economical and available in almost all materials, these canteens are intended for small family groups. When getting one, it is better to buy a few folding chairs that expand the space. The dining rooms for four people are, in general, fit anywhere. Therefore, it is very easy to take advantage of them.

The Dining Table and Chairs for six people are, statistically, the most sold. They do not hoard all the space but leave one or two seats free for occasional visits. Logically, these dining rooms tend to come in round or rectangular presentations. Decide which is best for the clients.

Finally, there are dining tables for eight people. These can be rectangular or oval and, by obligation, must be installed in wide spaces, with at least 1 meter of separation between them and the wall.

The maximum advantage of such a large table is that it allows several diners to be invited at the same time, with plenty of space on the surface for any decoration and, more importantly, allows additional spaces to be opened in case the original eight chairs are not enough

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