In interior decoration, image changes or “extreme makeover” are expenses that not all people are willing to take on. For some reason, for the average, everything that is broken but remediable has repaired. And when it comes to furniture, if they are in good condition, it is best to leave things as they look.

Beyond an occasional ornament, a change of colors or a curtain that replaces its predecessor, the decision to buy a new dining table and chair, for example, creates an unusual fear. Therefore, for those who cling to their furniture, the following ideas are presented about the dining rooms.

Change the color

Logically, this idea is not valid for all those who have a dining table in their homes. But those who, fortunately, have acquired a wooden table, can try to remodel it with a color that gives personality.

It is not necessary to be neither too drastic nor terribly austere. Among the most popular decoration trends, repainting dark tables in white, or shades of a light wood with darker varnish, may be enough for the environment to change.

One of the things that should be taken into account when leaning towards these options, however, is the type of wood and the level of wear. Between a few details concealed with the repainted and a frustrated restoration, there is a very fine gap.

Following the thread of the fineness, it is also necessary to take into account if the wood to restore is quoted for a high value in the market. Generally, it is better to retouch them with a varnish of your own tone than to sacrifice a piece of furniture whose price increases with the years due to its quality.

Encourage DIY

One of the simplest construction techniques is DIY. It is done from home, it needs few materials and, in a few words, anyone can do it well.

If a dining table is limping or needs some retouching, you can take DIY strategies as a reference and implement them for good. As long as it does not ruin the essence of the furniture, there is no reason why people cannot be encouraged to take that opportunity.

Save money

This is the heart of the matter throughout the world. If a piece of furniture is old, worn or tanned, it is much more comfortable for the pocket to restore it to buy a new one, especially if the damage is barely perceptible to the eye.

What should be considered? Mainly, get a trusted restorer, define and detail what are the disadvantages of the table and plan accordingly what would be the modifications to be made. In another sense, restore the conditions and parameters of the client.

Activate creativity

In the face of the crisis, it is proven that people analyze and look for viable solutions. In the decoration of interiors – be it the furniture that is -, this download of creativity does not go unnoticed.

Knowing how to turn a dining room is not to avoid the fault. It is about replacing it and disguising it -if it is too serious-. Thus, with incipient dowries for decoration, each person can design at will and give personality to their spaces, always aware that each object was selected, replaced and reassembled responding to a need for style.

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