An essential element of the interior furniture, the glass table dresses a room, amplifying its volume. However, beyond the aesthetic aspect of your design table, many criteria must be taken into account to find the right glass table for your home and your needs.

Extendable glass dining table and chairs for the stay or for meals; its glass table allows you to add a touch of elegance to your home. The sector of glass tables is today very imaginative and full of originality in shapes, colors, and tips to personalize your furniture. Get carried away by the design table you need!

Glass table in your kitchen or living room

This material (glass) is always delicate, although it remains a necessity for aesthetics and solidity, especially extendable tables; contrary to what is believed, it is difficult to tear a table of this type. In addition, there are two types of materials for your glass table: curved and tempered.

The manufacturing method of curved glass allows for obtaining a spectacular result. However, the prices are high and the material is more fragile and sensitive to shocks. On the other hand, a tempered glass table makes it possible to have a virtually unbreakable piece of furniture.

Glass tables with metal or wood frames are also popular. Your table can also have some features, from the simple extension, the turntable to easily go to the dishes, through the lift table that serves as a coffee table and dining table. Intelligent and practical, its glass table provides functionality and aesthetics at the heart of your living room.

The chairs you need for your glass table

See the total aspect with your glass table is the most recommended. If you still want the same chairs, rely on the combination of materials; combine the glass with another material, such as metal, stainless steel or wood, to bring a seal not only to your home but also to your design glass table.

Comfort is obviously not neglected; your first wish is to feel real desires to sit around your glass table. Combine the colors, as your glass table allows, with its transparency and the contribution of the light it will provide, its chairs will stand out very well (whether or not they are tinted glass).

Without breaking the harmony of your living room, do not hesitate to choose different chairs, mix styles, colors, and materials: bet on originality. Add your personal touch to your table with painted chairs, designer or decorated, often enough to bring a small personal touch to your home!

The maintenance of your glass table

Its extendable or glass table, although solid, requires a minimum of regular maintenance. It will be more sensitive to fingerprints and smudges than a wooden table, but your glass table will be much easier to clean and disassemble. A simple cloth soaked with hot water will do the cleaning.

If you want an impeccable result, pour lemon juice on your glass table (watch out for the metal mechanism) and clean it with newspaper to remove grease. If you do not have a round glass table, buy rounded corner tips to protect the corners and avoid the risk of injury.

Choose from Glass dining table ou beautiful tables, with greater resistance and. Certain criteria must be respected to maintain optimal use. For a table intended for regular meals, check before buying that the glass has a thickness of at least 10 millimeters, our consultants are available.

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