The dining table is an indispensable piece of furniture that cannot be lost in the dining room. This table should be able to meet all the requirements to organize dinners with friends or couples, family lunches, small or large tables or take-away meals.

Because it is a piece of furniture of everyday life, the dining table should be chosen with attention. Classic or design style, expandable or fixed, more or less large, the options are numerous, hence the importance of asking the right questions when acquiring this piece of furniture.

Reflect on your needs

To choose the right dining table, start by asking yourself what its use is.

  • What will be its frequency of use (one, two or three times a day)?
  • How many people will meet daily?
  • Do you organize receptions often?
  • What environment do you want to install in your home?
  • What space do you have for this furniture?

When you have answered these questions, you will have a clearer idea of ​​the type of dining table you need. Then, you can see the style of it and its place in your home.

Where to install your table and what size to choose?

The installation location of your table depends on the size of the room in which you will place it. In fact, it often happens in our modern interiors that the living room and dining room are one. If your dining room is quite large, make your table the central element of the room, illuminated with a chandelier, which will stand out with elegance.

In the case of a smaller room or a shared living/dining room, choose a smaller dining table to move it, if used as a desk or table of meals, depending on the size of the room and its requirements. The choice of a folding table model is also an option.

The dimensions of your dining room table are determined by the space available and the number of people who settle regularly. Be sure to leave enough space around so that the circulation in the room is not affected and place chairs, which is essential to accompany this piece of furniture.

Choose the material of the table

If the choice of material is in accordance with your tastes and the general style of your decoration, the ideal is that the latter is also aesthetic with or without a tablecloth. Whatever the case, each material has its favorite style:

For a modern and design look, the glass will always be recommended. This material brings a pure, orderly and elegant side to your dining room. The glass table can be engraved for more originality. And it will not be difficult to find extendable models or glass extensions.

Wood remains the star material at the base of the dining table. Combining all styles, you will find it in many models, for antique and classic, rustic and industrial or Scandinavian and contemporary decorations. The models, whether round, square, rectangular or oval.

There are also tables with stone bases, especially marble, to choose only if you do not plan to move from your place because their weight makes them almost impossible to mobilize. The stone, in addition to the design side, brings a strong and authentic element to its decoration.

Metal-based table models are also popular for their originality but do not agree with all interiors. The Manchester glass dining table and chairs are one of the few that combine with everything.

To furnish your living room, you can not find anything better than our coffee tables and glass dining room. They are refined, elegant and above all design. In fact, this type of glass dining table Manchester is what we can offer you better in a comparative and not just talk about your design.

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