The dining table has a central place in your living room or kitchen and this decision should not be taken lightly because a bad choice has consequences for the design of your decor. The latter must gather many parameters to integrate perfectly into the room and create the harmony of your living room. To find your ideal dining table, it is recommended that you ask some questions to guide your search:

  • What style do I want to give to my interior: modern, authentic, chic, industrial, etc.?
  • Which table shape will complement better, round, rectangular, square?
  • What space do I have available for my dining table?

What type of dining table to choose?

For dining tables, they are usually placed at the end of the sofa or between the living room and the kitchen. A glass dining table will adapt imperatively to any style of decoration. Whatever its shape, round, square, rectangular, it will take into account the furniture that surrounds it. Therefore, it will be better to opt for a classic design of a glass dining table with taupe chairs.

The shape of the glass dining table will depend on the structure of your living room and the design of the furniture that will be placed around it. Also, think about the ease of movement around the dining table and the space you have available to refine your choice.

The round or oval table

These forms of tables invite you to share and gather. These are easy to use forms that have a beautiful glass surface but allow easy movement.

The square dining table

If your living room is square, you only have one sofa and you intend to use this dining table with your partner, this form of the table will fit perfectly. It is a practical and perfect solution for a study.

The rectangular coffee table

This is the most common table shape, it is especially suitable for families. To make the most of it, choose a design model that matches your decoration style so that it becomes an essential element in your living room.

The size of your dining table

For a small dining room, a clear glass table will give an impression of space and a set of taupe chairs will make a very flexible solution for this small space. In a large space, it will be better to opt for a glass table with the solid wood base; For example: rectangular and elongated, it will fill the space harmoniously.

Finally, choose the height of the table according to your place in the home and the seats that surround it. The table should not be too high or too low compared to the chairs. Depending on the desired design and the design of your living room, you can choose between several height ranges. If you still do not know what height to choose, you can opt for a height-adjustable glass table and modulate it according to your wishes.

Yes, we have some glass tables that are adjustable in their base in terms of height and turn into a dining table or coffee table in the blink of an eye. In a family of four, a round table of 1 m 20 will provide enough space for all. In a family of six people, a rectangular table of 140 cm is perfect. You can even show tables with a capacity of up to eight people for special occasions.

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