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How To Avoid The Most Common Damages Of A Glass Table

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lThe dining rooms with crystal support are characterized by their elegance and, in their own way, practicality. However, taking care of them is very important to ensure their conservation over time.

Many people make their own tricks to preserve, polish and keep the glass intact. Gathered, the most recurring problems and solution alternatives that abound on the web are presented below.

Irregular surfaces, full of spots

Glass is a material to which special care must be printed, but it also looks rewarding because, unlike other materials, it is resistant and lasts as long as it is cared for.

In that sense, the first solution is oriented to a common eventuality: the spots.

Since it is a dining room, cleaning should be periodic and thorough. There are people who use special products to wax the surface. However, in the dining rooms, due to its purposes, little is recommended to amalgamate the glass with chemicals.

The most effective is to clean it with water and some other atomizer with soap. Thus, it will remain clean with time, wear will be avoided and, what is better, the glass will shine at all times.

The conflict of washing

Washing a dining room whose surface is made of glass contains a challenge from which one can emerge victorious, as long as precautions and indications are taken.

In the case of this action, the rinsing of the table would be done periodically, some recommend that once a week. This process should include warm water -whose temperature must be maintained at all times- and use hands and support.

Also, soap can be used to soap, preferably, since the granulation or pasting could leave small scratches in the material.

To wash the glass of the dining room it is necessary to use gloves. More for an aesthetic issue, it is aimed at safety and the fact that rubber acts as an anti-slip.

The terror of the splinters

The crystal, however carefully and gleaming it is, is still a supremely fragile material. Therefore, splinters and breaks can arrive at any time and in less thoughtful situations.

For this, there is no foolproof method to follow, but when it comes to providing recommendations on these issues, common responses are oriented to the use of tablecloths, light ornaments and, of course, the shape of the glass.

A round dining room is usually more in keeping with the concept of a table to eat. However, the benefits of a square surface and tempered glass are unmatched.

Some people, to ensure one hundred percent the integrity of their dining tables, decide to buy models that involve other materials -normally, wood-. But, if it is totally a glass surface, that it is of the best quality and is correctly distributed in the space.


Shake with a duster and clean with cotton rags is part of the most assiduous and effective tips that will be heard out there. As well as the prohibition of carving the table or using substances that are too corrosive.

Although with the crystal all care is uncertain, the reality is that from an aesthetic perspective, taking care of it has its reward. The decision of how and how often will remain, as always, on the part of the owners.

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