The fundamental point in everyday life, at the dining table you eat, talk, play and laugh, in the living room, the coffee table is the center of the living landscape and at the desk, things are done, decisions are made, appointments are made. The tables are extremely social furniture, in them, life takes place at home. Find tables that can be adapted to any room, activity or style! The size, shape, thickness, and material determine the effect of the table; you must pay attention to this.

Size: A modern glass dining table seat 8 is the perfect example of calculating the size before buying; the number of users specifies the size of the glass stop. For dining tables per person, they have a space requirement of 60 to 70 cm wide.

In the depth is estimated 40 cm, in addition, in the center of the table you should still include a little space (about 20 cm) for pots, utensils or decoration. On the outside, there should be 60 to 80 cm of space on each side to facilitate movement.

Positioning: since the dining room table is usually the central location of the event, it must also have a central position in the room (this does not apply to auxiliary tables). The rectangular tables look thicker, the round tables are more comfortable. Not in vain is the round table a symbol of communication.

Everyone is sitting at the same distance, nobody is exposed and everyone has eye contact with each other. In general, a round table needs more space. Square tables are more common. They fit better in narrower spaces and make better use of space.

Design: depending on the design, the table gains more or less weight in the dining room. The huge glass table with a wooden base with voluminous legs radiates strength and reliability and occupies the room by itself. The other end would be a table with glass top and thin metal legs, which makes other decoration elements stronger.

A mixture of glass/metal/ wood material

Popular in modern interiors is a glass panel, it is restricted and has less visual weight in the room. The tempered glass material is also quite durable and easy to clean but should be cleaned more frequently, since fingerprints are easily visible. In metal, legs or a quite discreet support base can be manufactured. Glass, metal and old woods are popular materials for creating sensational industrial tables.

A table for every occasion

The dining room table has become indispensable in our daily life for centuries. It combines many different uses in a single piece of furniture: they are the place of food intake, the meeting and the space for communication, work and play area, storage, decoration, and presentation.

A modern eight-seat glass dining table is an imposingly large staple and indispensable to the modern life of large families. Complemented by matching chairs, a modern glass dining table gives the room a clear direction without sacrificing its multifunctionality and flexibility.

From the versatile kitchen table (which looks good in a corner) as well as a modern combination of chairs, like a reliable office furniture you know how to combine style with awareness; The thin glass table makes it compete with the refined bar table, which combines elegance and functionality on special occasions: the table variants are innumerable! Whether round, square, with high or low legs, extendable or folding or adjustable in height, modern or completely traditional, on our website you will find tailored tables!

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