Do not place a huge table in your mini-dining room; place it in a dining area the size of a party hall lobby, not a miniature model. The proportions must always be correct. Measure your dining area well, and also think about the practical processes of everyday life and the usual transit routes around the table.

A glass dining table measures at least 80 cm, better 1 meter deep. In addition, 75 cm on both sides for freedom of movement with chairs. But if you want to be able to get up comfortably, you can vary the length and have a 90 cm glass table and chairs. A round table for 4 people usually measures precisely 90 cm in diameter and for 6 people 125 cm. Once again, the 75 cm is added to each chair for freedom of movement.

The height of the glass dining table is 76 cm, but it can vary 2 cm up or down. Most chairs have a seat height of 46 cm and, therefore, adapt well. If you already have chairs, especially those with armrests, you should know their dimensions so that they fit the new table model.

How many people should be allowed to sit at the table?

Everyone needs 60 cm wide and 40 cm deep, so that everyone feels comfortable at the table and work well with a knife and fork. In a family party there is 50 cm wide per person. So you can calculate how big your table should be with two, four or eight people and if it fits your dining area.

Be sure to keep in mind the norm and not the large family gatherings that take place twice a year. With these, you can attach an additional table to the glass, or you can choose from the beginning a glass stop, which can take off and expand.

Which shape is ideal for me: rectangular, square, round?

The most popular are rectangular models. But also the round and square models have their advantages, especially because they allow a good discussion between all the guests. If those tables are too big, think of the huge round tables at wedding celebrations, sit far away, and then speak again to the left or right.

If you have small spaces, rectangular and square tables are better. You can also put them in a corner. For most glass tables, designers focus on the bottom of the table. Through the discreet glass plate, the focus is directed to the legs of the table. These are often designed in imaginative and unique shapes and colors. The effect is impressive and individual.

The classic is four legs

But even a single leg on the glass table looks elegant. Many models also have two inner legs. The advantage of the leg of the individual table and inner legs is that you can leave space for chairs, without diners being trapped in the legs of the table.

Each table has its charisma

Due to its material, shape and size, it looks avant-garde, rustic, original or simply practical. Think about how your future model should ideally work. The 90 cm glass tables and chairs are, without a doubt, a real attraction in every room! In relation to glass, it can be even more impressive.

Our design tables look especially good in every room, be it the dining room, the living room or the kitchen. As an example we have our tables of often futuristic appearance giving a strong effect in the decoration. This allows our customers to equip their living room with some modern elegance and, at the same time, provide comfort.

Wow look at this!

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customizable off canvas area.

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