When setting up the dining room, the table is often selected first and then most seats are taken care of. Many tables become interesting only through chairs or benches that complete the general picture and can get an impression of the overall effect on the site.

Number of chairs

How many chairs do I need for my dining table, so I use the space in the most meaningful way possible, but each person still has enough space to sit next to me? Plan approximately 60 cm of free space to the left and right of each chair, so that each guest has enough space for the arms.

Of course, all the members of the family and guests will find a comfortable space in their round glass dining table 8 chairs, of course, the dimensions should be observed in general. You can easily calculate how many chairs fit on the table with this formula:

Take the diameter of your table to multiply it by Pi and divide the result by 60, to determine the number of chairs around your round dining table. Example: Your table has a diameter of 100 cm. 100 times pi (3.14) ago 314, divided by 60 gives 5.2. In this case, you can plan five dining chairs with a diameter of 100 cm or one meter.

Diameter of the table of 60 cm is for 2 people, the 80 cm is for 3, one of 90 to 110 cm reaches for 4 or 5 people (depending on the size of the chair), 120 to 140 cm in diameter is 6 or 7 people and 150 to 160 cm would be 7 or 8 seats.

Something for each style: naughty mix instead of strict order: we show you how to skillfully group all kinds of chairs and tables around your dining area.

Everything fits in a round glass table

For a harmonious image, combine a maximum of three materials, colors, and styles. Less is more! It would be better to omit a chair model and opt for optically uniform cushions. Our chairs convince with design and comfort, they are perfect to complete the dining room and visually complement a round glass dining table with 8 chairs, whether rocking chairs, upholstered, with a large armrest or simple and functional.

The beauty of the chairs is the ability to use them flexibly throughout the house. Unlike banks, you do not have to take a seat and they are quick and easy to move. There are a chair and several options available, with different backup heights, for example. Or different frames, such as a cantilevered chair with a stainless steel frame, or classically with four chair legs in steel, oak, beech or walnut.

You can also choose if your chairs should have armrests or not. And finally, also choose the cover, fabric or leather, as well as the color and seams. This creates chairs that exactly fit you and your interior.

The classic versions, which are being reissued in current furniture trends with a modern revision, such as an upholstered chair, this has a padded seat or full-length upholstery, which also includes the backrest and armrests, you will also find a variety of wooden chairs that can be used both in the dining room and in the kitchen. The wooden chairs are usually equipped with four legs and spread a cozy atmosphere.

In our web portal, you will always find our tables exposed as a group combined with matching chairs. We invite you to gather all the available tables and chairs to see the big picture. Our employees are happy to prepare the furniture for you. It has a round dining table, needs new dining chairs and wonders how many chairs are ideal here.

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