Finding the right chair is not so easy, we have models of all types, from individual tables and chairs to complete dining sets with up to the tableware, a glass dining table set 8 chairs is difficult to include in a small kitchen or a narrow dining room.

Yes, your dining table should be in the kitchen, so you should not forget to include a certain amount of legroom. Even if the guests are sitting at the table, the cook should always have enough space to cook when cooking, a table, people or chairs on the road, can become stressful and annoying quickly. So be careful to completely fill the empty space in the kitchen with a table and chairs!

  • Do you need a functional chair or a decorative chair?
  • Should the seats be made of wood or upholstered comfortably?
  • With armrests or without armrests?

There is a lot to choose from because the chairs are not the same as the chair. The following tips will help you choose the material and color for your new favorite chair.

Material, shape, and color: what should the chair look like?

The brown chocolate chair has a simple design, but a material that could hardly be more exciting: the leather. And that is well known, super practical, but at the same time casual and elegant, especially recommended if you want to give your dining room a bit of depth and subtlety.

The colorful chairs are a good guarantor of the mood and serve for dinner with friends to chat. Although it takes courage to choose any seat in a different color and combine different styles, sometimes with backs, sometimes without armrests and also for different forms of the table.

The modern style is characterized by clear lines and reduced design vocabulary. Popular materials include varnished wood, chrome, metal, plastic, glass, stone, and other metals, as well as plastics. Returning to the classics, a set of folding chairs are very popular in modern dining furniture. Upholstered chairs are also requested in discrete colors such as gray, white or anthracite or with leather or synthetic leather.

What seating comfort should the chair offer?

The variants of chairs in the mix of modern materials are perfect for you. The materials are combined according to the functional and aesthetic aspects of a holistic design that guarantees the attention of your group of seats or dining tables.

Do you spend a lot of time on your new seats? Those who prefer it puristically and opt for a chair without upholstery should, however, pay attention to an ergonomically shaped seat, or consider a pillow suitable for long periods of rest. This is not only comfortable and looks great, but it can also be changed to a new color as desired so that your seating area has a completely new look.

Seat height

For chairs placed on a glass table, they need measurements since the height of the seat surface in relation to the height of the table is fundamental. If the chair is too low, the arms are too high and uncomfortable to eat; if it is too high, one automatically takes a sickly, stooped posture. In general, the distance between the seat and the bottom edge of the table should be about 30 cm, so you have enough space even with your legs crossed.

With the help of our experts, we want your decision to be a little easier. The most important questions and answers about design, use and budget issues have been compiled for you in a shopping guide on our website.

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