Decorating skills do not have everyone, that is known and really there is nothing wrong because after all there will always be someone to help you. Something that frustrates many people without a doubt is time. It is not easy to decorate, be an expert on it or not, and that is because you have to think about space, comfort, aesthetics, and your own taste … in short, many variables.

But all this can be achieved when you think intelligently. In the first stay you have to see the rooms, what is the space available and what is needed by the family or the different members of the household.

If you are in a two-room apartment, and there live 4 people. There is no doubt that it is a small site, how can you work on that site? The different types of rooms are usually combined, they may think it will be a disaster, but in reality, if you work well, it can be a success.

What more spaces does a house need? the kitchen, living room, dining room and perhaps a study. Many times it has been possible to appreciate how all these spaces are in harmony in one, which is known as “freestyle”. The key to this is to be realistic with space, and not aspire to such big things, since that way the other elements will not enter; Above all, there will be no comfort for tenants.

The dining room is an extremely important area for many people; professional decorators always give it some importance because many things happen there. So choosing a suitable table for a small space is something that has its value.

First, you have to think about the form, what is more comfortable? The tables are traditionally square, and that’s fine, for a family of four it seems ideal, but how true is that? The reality is that it is not comfortable when visitors arrive, if you have the right space when surprises come, it is not a pleasant experience at all. The best option would be the circular table since you can include more chairs just by moving a little.

Those little details make the difference. Many times people ask themselves, “But where can I find a dining room table and chairs?” When in fact there are hundreds of options that can be found at a glance. There are furniture stores, order magazines, and now with the internet, it is possible to search, buy and receive without even leaving the house, its incredible!

The opportunities are closer than it seems, you just have to open your mind a little. The large variety of dining tables and chairs that exist is totally unreal, which means that hundreds of combinations can do without any problem. The doors of creativity are open, so it is time to be inspired and put to work for the creation of a dream come true. Everyone has the power to create something new, and that is not denied.

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