Harveys round glass dining table and chairs

Some tips to choose the type of glass for your glass table. A table with straight lines and simple lines will make the space wider. On the other hand, a round table will add a bit of sweetness to the atmosphere or a retro touch if you marry bright colors.

The thickness

Choose a more or less thick glass depending on the design of your table. The solidity of your table is a vital element. As the glass tray is for a table, choose a minimum thickness of 10 mm. If the glass cover rests on the entire surface of the table, you can choose a glass with a thickness between 6 and 10 mm.

The dimensions

For a coffee table or a dining table, the dimensions of the glass are not the same. Just remember that the dimensions of the glass table will influence the choice of thickness, the larger the table, the thicker it will be. Also, check if there is any hole in the glass tray. Again, if the glass has to be drilled, it will have to be thicker.

The type of glass

For a glass table, it is recommended to choose tempered glass. This type of glass is more resistant and safer. It receives a special treatment that prevents it from breaking into several very sharp and dangerous pieces. It breaks with difficulty, and if it breaks, it breaks into small pieces. In addition, this type of glass supports temperatures of up to 200 ° C.

The Shape

Rectangular, round, oval, square, we offer tables that can adapt to your wishes. Then, you can tell us what you need to give the table that fits perfectly to your interior decoration.

The color

If you want a transparent glass table, choose that option on our web portal. If you prefer a colored glass table, you can change the option. Then at the time of purchase, you can choose the color of the lacquer, many colors are proposed. By default, many glass plates are tempered, have polished shiny edges.

Configure your custom table

We can not say that these are the best glass tables in the market since the tastes and the differences between one person and another are not discussed. On the other hand, we can assure you that if you are looking for a glass table you can be sure that our selection is the best.

A clean design: what attracts us at first sight in our models, is precisely the elegant and ultramodern design that they look like. White with a simple or colorful glass plate with a striking artistic base, which is made for a 21st-century living room.

A very solid table: even if at first glance, a glass table can seem quite fragile, this is not the case at all with our tables, the lacquered wooden base, and the very thick glass lid are made to support a good load. We always offer the best brands of glass tables.

It is easy to clean: although the transparent is very attractive aesthetically, if you try to compare it with other table colors, it would be more susceptible to smudges of fingerprints, but very easy to clean, just one pass with a cloth and voila.

You can combine our glass tables with many trends and decorative styles, which will allow you to create a very harmonious set. Discover our collection and free your imagination to create unique spaces!

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