In modern decoration, the tendency is to choose materials and colors that give the impression that space is much larger than it really is, especially because our modern houses have less space than those of our parents or grandparents. For this, the idea is to choose colors that illuminate a room, such as white or light color, in terms of materials; we usually opt for glass for decoration.

Therefore, a glass dining table with ghost chairs is an excellent choice to furnish your living room or dining room. But to say that you will buy a glass table is not everything, you must also learn to choose the correct dimensions, the good materials that accompany the glass and the general design of the table.

Rectangular glass tables

The most appreciated of this type of table is that they are large enough to allow you to place everything you want: various decorative objects or a whole collection of centerpieces you have. What is less appreciated in this type of table is that it is very heavy. With its abundant kilos, it is very difficult to move if you want to clean underneath.

The tables present the best value in our stores because they combine a large size, a beautiful design, and a reasonable price. They embody perfectly the modern spirit in the decoration with its design, it is also the one that has the best design and the least fragile.

Square glass table

The simple square shape, a combination of glass and wood in any color, is made to give a final touch to a decoration in an elegant style. What customers like moderately in this type of table is that the glass at the top has a square shape with perfect angles to decorate the corners with the personal style of living room or dining room.

This square table is the cheapest, but without skimping since it is very beautiful and like our entire collection, it is made of durable materials and with a good value for money, you only need to choose a colored glass to give it a touch original.

The most appreciated of this type of square table is its very modern design. Made with a transparent glass top and wooden legs, or for the most modern, chromed steel, it embodies the modern spirit of decoration to a great extent at this time.

How to choose a good glass table?

Before looking for where to buy a new glass table, we must look for a way to buy a glass table with a better value for money and, for that, we will give you some tips, which are three basic criteria:

  • The dimensions of the table.
  • The materials from which it is made.
  • Design.

A robust model

What most pleasantly surprised the users of this table model is the space it offers. There is room to put what you want. In addition to their large size, they also have a very elegant design. And despite these many benefits, it has a very affordable cost, access to the general public.

To ensure its robustness, this type of table has been manufactured with resistant materials. The glass trays that form the surface and its platform have a fairly high thickness. Do not hesitate to choose this table when you think about buying with us, we will attend you with all the greatest cordiality that we always give to our clients.

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